Solutions for Treating Cataract

Intake of aniseeds is the most suggested treatment for treating eye problems. You can create a home remedy on your own which requires the input of coriander in the powder form along with brown sugar. Take this mixture for at least times in a day. It would cure most of your problems.

A good treatment is the intake of products which are antioxidant in nature. Spinach is one of them which is mostly recommended for cataract.

You can also create an herbal supplement by mixing carrots and parsley is equal quantities. Mixture should be create with there juice and not with raw elements. Take a glass of this mixture once a day. Another effective healing solution can be created at home by mixing pepper and almonds in water. It might taste but you should have it definitely. In order to improve its taste, add some amount of sugar into it.

Stop eating rice, pickles, bread, potatoes and cereals. One should also avoid continuous smoking, intake of alcohol, tea as well as coffee. You can also do yoga exercises for treating cataract effectively. But do not do it simply by television instructions like many people do. Take the advice of your doctor before starting any sort of exercise.