Sore throat home remedies

Sore throat is the soreness of the throat, which is caused by viral infection and it is frequent with cold and flu. One faces irritation, swollen lymph glands and has trouble in swallowing of food during this time phase.
Sore throat is a viral infection accompanied by pain. It is common in times of cold and flu. There are some simple, easy, natural and effective home remedies to fight sore throats. They are as follows:
Home remedies to sore throat

Lemon juice: Drinking the mixture of lemon juice and honey in warm water give immediate relief to sore throat pain.
Ginger: Keep 2-3 tbsp of freshly grated ginger in a cup of warm water. Sip it down before going to bed, after straining it. Lemon juice can be added if there is cough in the chest along with sore throat. Since ginger is an anti inflammatory and anti-viral painkiller, it helps a lot in providing relief to the sore throat.
Hot water treatment: Add ½ tbsp of salt in a glass of luke-warm water and gargle for 3-4 times a day. This is a very effective remedy for sore throat.
Mango bark: Mix of 10 ml of fluid extracts of mango bark with 125 ml of water. Gargle the same for 2-3 days. This is a very simple way of curing sore throat.
Lemonade: Boiling lemonade in water and gargling it is very effective in curing soreness of the throat. It should be continued for 2 days at least.
Chamomile blossoms: Prepare tea with 1-2 tsp of dried chamomile blossoms by adding it to the boiling water and strain it before drinking. This mixture relieves sore throat and a cup of this mixture should be taken every few hours.
Lemon with pepper: After cutting a lemon in two halves, one must put some salt and black pepper in each half and slowly press with a knife so that the pepper and salt go down in the lime. Warm up the lemon by heating it. Slowly lick the lemon by squeezing it until there is no juice. Repeating this 2-3 times a day can prove to be a simple and easy home solution for painful throat.
Milk treatment: Heat a cup of milk with a tbsp of butter and a tbsp of honey and drink it slowly while it is still hot. This treatment coats the throat making it feeling better while the heat of the milk brings down the swelling of the throat. This is not only a simple and effective remedy but also very tasty to drink.
Following these tips will effectively cure your throat soreness and allow you a healthy life.