7 Home Remedies For Spider Bite


7 Remedies For Spider Bite

Learning a spider bite remedy or some alternative treatments can be handy to fight against the spread of toxins caused by bite of spiders. Spiders are found all over the world. In fact, these small creatures are found in every home and nobody likes them. It is only because these are always up to some or the other unexpected trouble. To have spiders at home means that there is always a possibility that people living in them get bitten particularly, when one is sleeping.

Spider bite is the harm or wound that is caused to an individual as a result of spiders injecting their venom. One must always be alert if he / she finds any spiders near his / her bed, since there is always a possibility of getting bitten. There are roughly about forty thousand different types of spiders, which have been classified under 109 families.

Spiders do not have back bones and wings, have eight legs, and lay eggs from which the baby spider comes out. Most spiders have six or eight eyes but in some cases the eyes can be fewer and even none. Spiders also have sharp, pointed teeth from which the poison is expelled. These small creatures have been found to eat many dangerous insects thereby assisting us in keeping the garden free of vermin. Spider bite is usually not painful but at times fatal in nature.

Spider bite rash is one of the common symptoms of spider bite. In most cases, although spider bite is painless, there are some cases when the spider bite is quite painful. One of the first symptoms of spider bite is cramping abdominal pain. The abdomen becomes stiff with the effect of pain becoming severe. The inhaling and exhaling of air becomes more and more hard and is accompanied by groaning. Shaking, swelling, burning, headache, nausea, tingling, sweating, vomiting, twitching sensations are some of the common symptoms of spider bite.

However, there are a lot of easy cures to the spider bites and here are some of them:

Calm and composed

Calm And Composed For Spider Bite

It is vital for the victim to remain calm and quiet. He / she should not move around much as it could result in the spreading of the venom rapidly all over the body. If the sufferer is close to any source of water, it is best to put the bitten part of his / her body under the running water so that, the poison is mostly washed away. In case that is not possible,

it is advisable to get a cotton ball soaked in water and then rub it gently on it the affected area of the skin in order to remove as much poison as possible.

Cold water

Cold Water For Spider Bite

Ice or cold water is thought as one of the best and easy remedies of spider bites. It helps in the subsiding of burning sensation that is caused after one is bitten by spider.

Application of cold water on the bitten area immediately helps one to get relief from the hurting that is caused from the spider poison. However, wash cloth can also be used for the curing of spider bite rash by soaking it in cold water firstly and then putting it over the rash or by applying an ice pack directly on it.


It is always good to keep the affected area of the body elevated so that the poison that is present in the affected body part does not spread to other areas of the body.

Elevated For Spider Bite

Moreover, it has also been noticed that by keeping the bitten area of the body elevated, one can prevent it from getting swollen. Hence the victims bitten by spiders or any other insects are always advised to keep the affected body part elevated.

Baking soda

Baking soda is known to be one of the easiest remedies of spider bite. Since insect bites are mostly toxic and acidic in nature, baking soda that have an alkaline base is extremely good remedy for it. Take three parts of baking soda and add one part of water to it. Mix it and make it into a smooth paste.

Baking Soda For Spider Bite

Now apply the baking soda paste on to the injured area of the body and leave it for sometime till it dries. It will help the paste to absorb the toxin that is there in the wound. After the soda dries, it has to be brushed off and reapplied some more. This process has to be continued till the area heals effectively.

Snug bandage

Putting a snug and comfortable bandage on the area that has been affected by spider bite can slow down the rate at which the venom will spread to other parts of the body. The bandage has to be put only after the area is cleaned properly with the help of soap and water.

While cleaning the area, the sufferer needs to be cautious so that no scratching or hurt is caused to the already existing wound. Again, one needs to be careful such that the bandage is not so tight that it cuts off the circulation of the blood to the affected limb.

Snug Bandage For Spider Bite

Hydrogen peroxide

Spider bite can be treated effectively with the help of hydrogen peroxide. Firstly wash the affected area with the help of water which will sanitize the area effectively and then apply hydrogen peroxide on it.

Hydrogen peroxide acts as an efficient antiseptic for any kind of insect bite. Hence wash the spider bite wound with it in order to disinfect the wound and thereby preventing the poison from entering the skin and thereby reaching the blood.

Hydrogen Peroxide For Spider Bite

Basil leaves

Take some amount of basil leaves. Crush and mash them and rub them directly on the wound. Again before applying the basil leaves on the wound,

wash the area properly and then rub the mashed leaves on it. Rub the leaves till it becomes powder like. This is an easy cure for the spider bite and effectively helps to prevent too much swelling of the wound.

Basil Leaves For Spider Bite