Spider Bite Treatment- How Natural Cures Can Help

There are several instances of spider bites that take place every day. Many people tend to ignore such incident and it can prove to be dangerous. Black widow is one of the most feared spiders that infect people with its venom, due to which the nervous system gets damaged.

In the season of spring and summer, due to the widespread of spiders, the problem mainly occurs. If the treatment should not be conducted on time, it may convert into some serious condition such as high fever, nausea and vomiting.

Some symptoms:

Everybody should identify the symptoms properly to give the best treatment. The symptoms of this problem start in the human body after near-about twenty to thirty minutes from the time of biting of this insect. Muscle cramps, tremors, weakness, stomach pain and severe pain in the body are the common symptoms. Sometimes pain in the chest, increase of the rate of heart, high blood pressure, and difficulty in breathing can also be the signs of a spider bite effect.

Natural remedies for spider bite treatment:

At first, wash the bitten area with fresh warm water and rub the area with an ice pack. It is best if you use an ice bag as you should not apply the ice directly to the spider bitten area. This is because it leads to delay the curing process and can be harmful for the ailment.

Apply the mixture of some charcoal with a cup of water over the insect bite. It will give you quick relief. Instead of this make another mixture of baking soda and water and rub it to the area as it can help you to reduce the pain and swelling.

To ease the itch you should apply a pinch of crushed basil on the bitten area. When the gel turns into fine sand, clean it finely. Another remedy would be applying of the paste of turmeric with olive oil because it is very beneficial for the treatment of this problem.

Slice a garlic or an onion and apply it on the spider bite. After that, make a bandage over it to secure from the dust around the environment. You can also cut off a potato into pieces and place it over the bitten zone. Potato helps to extract the venom.

Make a combination of baking soda with water and rub the mixture to the spider bite. You can use another mixture of an equal amount of baking soda and butter and put it on the affected area.

These are some of the easiest and effective remedies for spider bite treatment.