Sprain In Ankle – Home Remedies

An ankle sprain is a wound to one or more ligaments in the ankle, generally on the exterior of the ankle. These ligaments are groups of tissues like rubber bands that bond one bone to another and attach the joints together.

ankle sprain

Ligaments are injured when greater than normal stretching force is applied to them. This happens commonly when the foot is placed awkwardly when running, stepping up or down, etc., stepping in an irregular surface or when a player steps on another player and so on. However, there are a number of home remedies for the sprain in the ankle.

Home Remedies For Ankle Sprain

Ice Cubes

With the spraining of an ankle, one must apply ice cubes to the sprain for immediate relief. The ice cubes should be placed in plastic storage bags or towels and then placed on the sprained area. This works wonders for most sprains. If ice cubes are not available, a pack of frozen vegetables can also be applied. Ice helps in reducing the swelling around the sprain as well as any chance of muscle strain.

ice pack

Epsom Salts

The sprain can also be soaked in warm water with Epsom salts in it. In this method, a cup of Epsom salt is placed in a gallon of water in a bath tub and the affected joint should be carefully lowered into the bath. The water must be hot but not unbearably hot. The patient suffering from the sprain should carefully place the leg inside the warm water for several minutes, dry the area carefully and bandage it. This is a very popular remedy for sprain ankle.

epsom salt


The crutches must be used during this time so as to give support and avoid pressure on the ankle. The area must be wrapped with an elastic bandage comfortably so as to prevent any further strain to the sprain.



There is always a chance of swelling of the foot. In order to decrease the swelling, the foot should be elevated slightly higher than the heart whenever the patient is resting or sleeping.

elevate feet


Rest is the best option for dealing with the ankle sprain. The patient suffering from the ankle sprain must take rest as much as possible. Some can recover within a few days but for some, it might take a few weeks as well to recover. The patient must never try to force the recovery.