Stay Fit Naturally By Eating Vegetables


Research shows that we have a natural repulsion to eating vegetables and fruits. Most of us do not eat adequate vegetables and fruits everyday. Young people do not like to eat vegetables at all. But we should add plenty of vegetables and fruits in our daily diet and encourage young children to eat vegetables everyday. If they grow the habit of eating vegetables from the very childhood, they will grow a very healthy body in future. This article will help you to know the different reasons of eating vegetables.

Low in Calorie:

Vegetables are very low in calories. That is why if you eat plenty of vegetables it will add no calories or very little calories in your body. That is why obese people who are trying to loose their extra pounds may eat vegetables to meet their hunger. If you are an overweight person and eat animal protein when you feel hungry, you will not be able to loose weight because animal protein and fat gets stored in our body and increase the weight. So eat plenty of cucumber, spinach, gourd, ribbed gourd when you feel hungry. These vegetables supply you vitamins, minerals but zero calories. Stuff your stomach with vegetables and stop saturated fat from entering into your body.

Clear Bowel:

Eating vegetables help to make the bowel clear. Vegetables like ladies finger, papaya, spinach and different types of herbs have roughage or dietary fiber which absorbs water and make the stool soft and thus make it easier to pass. Fruits like guava, sweet lime, orange, melon help to clear your bowel. All types of lentils are helpful to clear your bowel. Bowel helps to clear all types of toxins from your body. Thus keep you healthy. Eating too much animal protein may lead to massive constipation and when the toxin do not go out of our body it brings on the problem of uric acid which in turn damage the kidney.

Great Source of Vitamins and Minerals:

Vegetables are a great source of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin and minerals are two essential substances to keep us fit. That is why people take lots of minerals and vitamins from outer source. Instead of taking vitamin and mineral pill you can taste different types of fruits and vegetables which will supply you benefit, taste and flavor.   Moreover our body absorbs natural product more than the artificial product. If you can eat fruits and vegetables for vitamin and minerals, you will be more benefited from natural source. Spinach and cabbage contain a great amount of water. Carrot contains vitamin A and prevents different eye diseases. Apple, banana, guava and other fruits supply a great amount of vitamin C, folic acid and various minerals. Supplying great amount of mineral water vegetables and fruits help to keep our body hydrated.


Vegetables have antioxidant which protects cells from getting damaged which is caused by unstable molecules caused by free radicals.  Pumpkin, carrot, etc.  Vegetables which have orange color are great source of antioxidant. These things protect our body from fatal diseases like cancer.

Easily Digestible:

A fully vegetable meal is easily digestible and the chance of acidity and gas is very low in case of vegetable meal. Moreover vegetable is 100% natural and it is preservative free. You can eat vegetables without getting any side effects.

Light and Natural:

Vegetables are so light and natural that it keeps our body, blood pressure and blood sugar free. People suffering from cardiovascular diseases are often advised to eat plenty of vegetables as it do not create any extra pressure on their body.

Beautiful and Colorful:

Vegetables are beautiful and colorful. Vegetables help to make a colorful dish which increases our appetite. To make children willing to eat food you can use colorful vegetables on their food. A good appetite and a strong will to eat food helps food to digest well.

Folate or Folic Acid:

Vegetables are great source of folate or folic acid. Pregnant women need a great amount of folate to reduce the risk of birth defects during baby’s development. Asparagus, leafy green vegetables, sunflower seed, whole wheat products, cereal, etc. and fruits like melon, strawberries contain great amount of folate. That is why in time of pregnancy or the women who has reached the childbearing age, is advised to eat a great amount of vegetables.

Phytochemicals :

Fruits and vegetables contain phytochemicals. It is a natural compound which prevents diseases and keeps us well. So it has been found that people who eat a good amount of vegetables everyday have a sound health. Vegetables also have anti aging element which helps our skin to remain youthful and prevent the signs of aging such as wrinkles, crows feet, etc.

Chronic Disease:

Eating fruits and vegetables keep all chronic disease such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, etc. at bay. The fiber helps to keep blood sugar level low. Regular eating of vegetables saves you from type-2 diabetes.

Safe to Eat:

Vegetables and fruits are safe to eat. If you do not cook animal food well it may transform various virus or bacteria to your body. We know well about the mad cow disease. Ground beef is the great source of E. Coli 0157.H7.  Poultry also carry salmonella and Campylobacter. Consumption of uncooked food may enhance the problem of worm in our body. There are few shell fish like prawn, shrimp, and crab which are delicious and we like to eat. If you do not clean them properly and consume them, it may cause infection. So eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to save yourself from those infections of bacteria and viruses.

Inexpensive and Easy to Grow :

Vegetables and most of the fruits are inexpensive and easy to grow. You can grow small amount of vegetables at your kitchen garden. Vegetables do not need much care to grow. Moreover you can cook vegetables very easily. They do not need much spice and oil and thus they are very healthy. In comparison to fish and meat vegetables take very less time to get prepared. The preparation time of vegetables are also very less. That is why it can be an essential item in modern fast life. In comparison to meat, fish and dairy product most of the vegetables are very cheap. For this reason everyone can afford it.

So enjoy eating vegetables and make your children interested in eating vegetables.


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