STD Treatment in Men – Home and Natural Remedies

STD or sexually transmitted disease is an ailment that can be passed on from individual to individual through sexual contact. This disease can be both frustrating as well as an embarrassing ailment for the concerned person and a number of surveys conducted have proven that about 58% of the men suffering from the ailment are reluctant to go to the doctor and seek advice.
However, some of the common symptoms of STD in men are painful urination, rashes in the genital area, open sores and warts in the genital region, discharge from penis or pain in the testicles.

Apart from these swelling of the groin area, bumps or sores in the mouth as well as generalized rashes are also some of the common symptoms of STD among men. STD is a serious issue needs to be treated immediately. There are a lot of natural ways of treating the ailment:

Garlic: Garlic has a strong ability to fight infection. This herb should be taken internally and serves as effective natural antibiotic for treating genital warts. An effective home remedy for garlic is to apply vitamin E oil in the affected skin and then put some crushed raw garlic on top of it. This helps to fight the STDs effectively. Not only that, intake or consumption of raw garlic also can successfully treat the ailment.

Peppermint: Peppermint is useful for treating STD among men. Drinking peppermint tea helps to deal effectively with herpes blisters and other STD infections.

Licorice: Licorice root helps a lot in dealing with STD infection. The skin having STD infection can be effectively soothed by applying herbal paste made with the help of licorice rice.

Licorice creams and gels are advised by some doctors to be applied to the affected area at least thrice daily. It is due to the containing of antiviral substances like glycyrrhiza.

Sexual activity:
While treating sexually transmitted disease, it is always advisable to abstain from sexual activity. Another excellent way to prevent STD is by using a latex condom. It is not a treatment, but a safe way to take protection against the ailment. These condoms have the ability to protect against the sexually transmitted disease.


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