Steps To Improve The Mental Health

Mental Health

Mental Health

Mental fitness is quite critical aspect of our health. Mental fitness is also a precursor to the general fitness, because it helps to drive the general health to the correct route. Many of us are quite busy with our daily life and do not get time to think about achieving a superior mental health. In this blog we focus on the methods to achieve a superior mental health by controlling parameters like diet and exercise.

It is highly advisable to do some physical exercise for 10 -15 minutes daily. Doing routine exercise or including these aerobics into our daily life style will help to increase circulation to different parts of our body, including brain. This also helps to retain superior memories. Memory status is impacted significantly by routine exercises.


Diet is another critical factor which impacts the mental fitness. One must develop habit to consume a lot of green and fresh vegetables in the diet. This diet also helps to cure some other problems which are usual cause of irritation such as constipation and other gastric problems. Orange and purple colored vegetables are rich source of anti-oxidants. Also one must reduce the intake of processed foods as they generally cause many health related problems including obesity.

Vitamin E is also an important contributor to mental health. It helps in sound functioning of brain. Consuming food products with vitamin E helps to increase the overall mental fitness. Also massaging with oil containing vitamin E helps to enhance the blood circulation and also provides the blood stream with vitamin E.


One must also try to consume food items containing vitamin E such as fish, grapes, plum, prunes, plum and resins.

Also conventional practices like yoga and meditation can contribute a lot to boost the mental fitness of the body. Since ancient times sages have been using this technique to increase the overall mental alertness. It is highly popular in Hindu and Chinese culture. Practicing meditation for 10 minutes daily helps a lot to increase the mental alertness and mental health in general.


Playing certain games can be a great exercise for the brain. Sudoku, crosswords, puzzles and certain electronic games can help a lot to increase the mental alertness. These games often rely upon mathematics, language or day to day things. It is also a great deal of fun solving these problems. Practicing them for 15 minutes daily can help a lot in increasing the overall mental fitness.

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