Stomach Ulcer Treatments Safer With Alternative Remedies


Stomach ulcer is an infection on the skin surface or on the inner lining of the stomach. It is a gastric ulcer, which is also called peptic ulcer that affects the stomach. If it is located in the intestinal tract of your body named duodenum then the problem is known as duodenum ulcer. In the past few years, there was a conception that the ulcer takes place because of the excessive consumption of junk foods, oily and spicy foods, smoking and alcohol.

Stomach ulcer

Now it is discovered that the disorder is an infection, which is caused by the bacterium named Helicobacter pylori. Spicy foods, junk foods, physical or any kind of emotional stress or worry may not be the main cause of stomach ulcer, but they can increase the risk of developing stomach ulcers in your body. Many people consume anti-inflammatory medicines such as aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, ketoprofen and other drugs and that also can be the reason of stomach ulcer.

Symptoms Of Stomach Ulcer

There are some common symptoms of stomach ulcer such as the upper and middle abdominal pain; lower breastbone pain; chest pain; sudden, sharp and stinging stomach pain, which mainly occurs after eating or in the early morning when your stomach is empty and also due to severe burping or hiccuping.

Nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, blood in vomit, suddenly vomiting with blood of dark brown color, bloody stools, reddish and blackish bowel movements, feeling clammy and cold, loss of weight, dizziness, weakness in different body parts, mental tension, flatulence, etc. are other signs of the stomach ulcer problem.

Many sufferers have no awareness about the bacterium; they consider it as a common digestive problem and don’t treat the disease properly. This may lead to other dangerous syndromes such as heart failure, gastroenteritis problems and stomach cancer.


Some Alternative Stomach Ulcer Treatments

Treatment By Using Cabbage

Cabbage is one of the best natural treatments for stomach ulcer problem. Make a glass of juice of 200 gm to 250 gm cabbage and consume it for 2 to 3 times in a day for about 30 to 40 days. It has the ability to produce the amino acid, which can improve blood circulation in the stomach lining to reduce the ulcer in a faster way. You can also make some juice by crushing some cabbage leaves and drink it to get relief.


Consuming the juice of spinach and carrot is also very beneficial in this treatment. You can extract the juice of equal quantity of carrot and spinach and take it twice or thrice daily for about 1 month continuously as it can strengthen the lining to heal the disorder fast. You can also consume the juice of spinach and carrot with the cabbage juice to get a better relief from this syndrome.


Other Effective Juices

It is known that aloe vera juice is another healing ingredient for ulcer as it has the anti bacterial, antifungal, anti viral and anti inflammatory properties. You should prepare juice of some aloe vera and take it once or twice in a day for about 2 to 4 months repeatedly as it can help to prevent the peptic ulcer in a normal way.

  aloe vera juice

Another effective way to cure the stomach ulcer is lime juice, which has the ingredients such as mineral salts, and citric acid that can work to ease the problem fast.

You should drink a glass of lime juice twice a day or eat salads including lime juice. Again, you should make a mixture of the equal amount of cucumber juice and the juice of beet root and drink it twice in a day for about 15 to 25 days, as it is very useful in getting relief from gastric ulcer.


Usage Of Almond, Wood Apple And Cayenne Pepper

Almond is very helpful in treating this hazard. You should take 2 to 3 almonds, soak them into a full bowel of warm water and keep them overnight. In the next morning, take the mixture after brushing and repeat this consumption for about 40 to 60 days. To get an instant relief you can collect some fresh leaves of wood apple. After that, you should soak them in a glass of fresh warm water and leave it overnight.

Early next morning, you should strain this mixture and have it to get its maximum benefits. You should continue this process for about 10 to 15 days as it can give you a good result for the pain and inflammation created by the stomach ulcer. You can take a pinch of cayenne pepper and mix it into glass of fresh warm water finely. Then drink it as it can help you to get rid of this problem.

  almond oil

Consumption Of Few Mixtures

Make a mixture by boiling some thin slices of gourd with its peel in a full glass of fresh lukewarm water and add half a tsp of salt and 1 tsp of powder of cumin seeds into it. After that, leave it to cool for 10 minutes and consume it. It will act as a natural coolant for the discomfort in your stomach.

ash gourd

Fenugreek seeds are very beneficial to cure the peptic ulcer.You can take some fenugreek seeds and boil them in a full bowl of fresh water. After boiling them strain and drink it as a tea as it can help you to control the ulcer related pain and bleeding. You can also intake the mixture made by boiling equal amount of some slipper elm and golden seal powder as it is also very helpful to reduce the infection of ulcer caused by the bacterium.


Consuming raw honey is a good natural treatment, which fights against the bacteria and reduces the inflammation by strengthening the inner lining of stomach. Usage of drumstick leaves is the other home remedy for gastric ulcer.

You can eat the paste of drumstick leaves by mixing some yogurt with it. You should eat it once on a daily basis for 2 to 3 weeks. You can also consume the paste by mixing fresh curd as it can give you a better response to treat stomach ulcer.