Stop Greying Hair With Natural Home Tips


It is a very common problem which can be found in very young boy and girl and they are worried about this early greying of hair.There is a pigment called melanin which gives the original black colour to our hair and when there is loss of this pigment our hair start greying.

grey hair

Staying out in the sun, cosmetics for hair, too much stress, spicy and fried food, anger, loss of sleep, constipation etc. are some of the reasons which contribute towards greying of hair quickly at very young age.

In today’s lifestyle where young generation is mad about hair cosmetics and fast foods and unhealthy routine they have to face this problem very early. Since the production of melanin stops due to all these problems or even if it is produced then the amount of melanin is very less, it results in greying of hair.

Natural Homemade Tips

Massage your hair scalp with sesame oil or coconut oil during night before going off to sleep with light hands, this will prevent greying of hair. You should do this 3-4 times in a week to keep your hair healthy.

coconut oil

Take 10 grams of Indian Gooseberry and soak it in water for the night in an iron vessel. In the morning wash your hair with this water. You can do this 2-3 times in a week to make your hair stronger and healthier. You can also eat one teaspoon of amla powder in the morning and the evening for healthy hair. Eating one fresh Indian gooseberry will also help in stopping hair greying.


Hair Care With Homemade Oil And Hair Pack

Take 500 grams of Indian gooseberry juice from green fresh gooseberries and mix with 500 grams of coconut oil and boil it on heat and when the amla juice is completely burnt and just the oil is left, then cool it down and fill it in a bottle. You should use this oil for massaging three times in a week and after massage steam your hair.

After this you can make a nice hair pack at home by mixing fresh curd, tomato, lime juice and Fuller’s earth. Wash your hair after 15-20 minutes. This will give required nutrition to your hair and your hair will grow healthy and long. This will also stop greying of hair.


After eating food eat one small piece of Haran and suck it for 30 minutes and after that eat it by chewing it in your mouth.


In the night before sleeping massage soles of your feet with Ghee or mustard oil, this will also stop greying of hair.


Take one Indian Gooseberry and boil it. When the amla or gooseberry gets cold then take the seed out and mash the fleshy part nicely. Now add powdered sugar, cumin, black pepper and some salt to the mashed amla. Eat it along with your food. This will give the required nutrition to the hair and will prevent greying of hair.Never use soap for washing your hair as it will damage your hair badly.


You can prepare a nice hair pack by grinding Indian gooseberries or amla with neem leaves and henna leaves. Now mix it with some milk and apply it in your hair and scalp at night only. Wash your hair thoroughly in the morning. If you will use this hair pack two times in a week for two months your grey hair will turn black.

hair pack

Take Indian gooseberry powder and make a mixture with water and now add one lime juice to it. Washing your hair everyday with this mixture will keep your hair soft and smooth and prevent them from greying.


Modern Hair Coloring Trends

Hair colours and Hair dyes are ruining the health of hair as in order to colour our hair they need to reach the inner most layer of hair so they remove or damage the cuticle of our hair permanently. This way the hair colour or dye can penetrate the innermost layer of hair. If the cuticle gets damaged our hair will start falling and they will lose their shine also. So to keep your hair healthy and safe you need to avoid hair dyes. Instead here are few alternatives you can use for hair colouring

For temporary colouring you can also use Hair Rinsers and creams which get off from hair after 4-6 wash with shampoo. They also damage the cuticle but the extent of damage is very less as compared to permanent hair dyes.

temporary coloring

Now a days there are vegetable dyes also available in the market which are called “Hair Mascara”. Hair Mascara is used to colour single strands of hair but since these are made from vegetable extracts they are not harmful for hair as normal hair colours are. It is easy to get rid of these vegetable dyes as they just get washed off in a single wash with shampoo. Hair mascara does not harm the texture and the shine of our hair, so they are very hair friendly.

hair mascara

These are the best option for streaking your hair if you want a glamorous look. They are available in various shades like black, brown, copper, Bronze, gold and star light blue.
While choosing hair colour for colouring always buy a colour without ammonia and after shampooing always use a good conditioner or use a shampoo with conditioner.

ammonia less

For weak and thin hair use herbal shampoos only so that hair get exposed to less amount of chemicals. If you colour your hair regularly then massage your hair regularly before every wash with warm coconut oil. Massage your scalp with light hands and after this steam your hair with warm and wet towel. In the end wash your hair with herbal shampoo.


Henna is always the best natural hair colour for your hair. SO you can use it for colouring as well as for hair nourishment too. Mix henna powder with amla powder and soak it for overnight and this paste will give a nice burgundy colour to your hair if you will mix some coffee in it.

Thus, by using all these tips stop greying of hair and if you already have then be natural by using natural ways to colour them.