Stop Night Sweats during Menopause


Stop Night Sweats during Menopause Most women going through their menopause or in their pre menopausal stages of life, undergo several symptoms of night sweats or hot flushes, which prove to be extremely discomforting. These hot flushes are generally characterized by an increase in the normal body temperature and redness of the face, which in turn influences the blood vessels to expand.

This is necessary to cool off the skin and bring the temperatures back to normal. On the other hand, night flushes usually occur during the night and are accompanied by excessive levels of sweating. In certain cases the profuse sweating may necessitate a change of bed spreads and night clothes as well.

Natural Remedies For The Treatment Of Night Sweats During Menopause

As many menopausal women fear an increased risk of coronary diseases and breast cancer after the onset of a hormonal replacement therapy, they usually prefer to undertake natural remedies for the treatment and cure of night sweats and hot flushes occurring during this period. These natural methods are completely free from the side effects of medicines and go a long way in providing instant relief and alleviation of the symptoms connected with the same. Some of these effective remedies are discussed below:

Reduction Or Elimination Of Caffeine

Caffeine has a tendency of stimulating the nerves and raising the blood pressure levels. Women in their pre menopausal or menopausal stages should avoid excessive intake of soda, coffee, tea and other beverages which may contain high levels of caffeine.

Reduction Or Elimination Of Caffeine

The frequency of hot flushes and night sweats can be reduced to a great extent by switching over to decaffeinated products and drinks such as fresh juices, fruit and green vegetables. Though, refraining from or reducing the intake of caffeine does not lead to the complete disappearance of the symptoms connected with night sweats, it surely makes it easier to manage and control.

Avoiding Spicy Food

Intake of excessively spicy food can set off imbalances in the body temperature and its natural regulating system. This results in the onset of hot flushes and night sweats in women on the brink of or undergoing menopause. Experts advise avoiding spicy and oily food to reduce the frequency of night sweats in menopausal women.

Reduction In Alcohol Consumption

Consumption of alcoholic beverages can lead to a dramatic rise in the levels of estrogen in the blood stream, which in turn leads to hot flushes and more frequent instances of night sweats.

Reduction In Alcohol Consumption

Women undergoing their menopause should avoid drinking too much alcohol as an effective precautionary measure for night sweats.

Avoid Excessive Heat Fluctuations

Increasing levels of fluctuations in the room temperature can cause an onset of night sweats and hot flushes. Allowing the body to acclimatize to the variations in indoor and outdoor temperatures is important to reduce the triggers of night sweats.

If the patient has to enter an air conditioned room after driving through high temperatures outdoors, then it makes sense to wait in the lobby, allow her body temperature to come down and then enter the cooler room. These precautions help in reducing night sweats as well.

Moderating Sugar Intake

Excessive intake of sugar in food substances or beverages can boost the metabolic rate, which in turn leads to a higher frequency of night sweats and hot flushes.

Moderating Sugar Intake

Food containing high levels of refined sugar should be completely avoided too. It has been found that chocolates and candies increase the susceptibility of night sweats and triggers off repeated instances of the same. To treat night flushes, it is very important to reduce the levels of sugar intake at the earliest.

Sleeping In A Cool Room

Women, who are suffering from continuous instances and bouts of night sweats, should look towards areas which can help in reducing the temperatures of their surroundings. Installing an air conditioner or having a fan point directly at her while sleeping can help in lowering the bedroom temperatures at night and keeping the body cooler.

Proper ventilation and circulation of fresh air also helps in bringing down the temperature of the surroundings and keeping the room cool. Wearing nightclothes which allow proper aeration and using bedclothes which are soft and keep the heat away from the body also act as natural measures for treating night sweats. In extreme cases a cold pack can also be used to bring the body temperatures down.

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Ice Water

Ice Water

Drinking cold or iced water to cool down the body before sleeping prevents the onset of night sweats. Drinking cool juices and drinks and plenty of water throughout the day also helps in keeping the system flushed and clean and keeps the body temperature within control.


Synthetic or tight fitting clothes should be avoided by women suffering from night sweats and hot flushes. Heavy woolens and clothing during the cooler months can be replaced by layers of cotton or other handmade fibers which trap the heat and can be taken off as the body temperatures increase. Light t-shirts and hosiery materials serve to keep the body cool and prevent the onset of hot sweats and night flushes too.


Most women undergoing night sweats often start worrying about the symptoms and get agitated. This increases the body temperatures even further and causes greater level of discomfort.


Practicing relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation or going for short walks in the lawn or around the garden can get the mind of these symptoms and allow the body to remain composed and calms. Even as night sweats strikes, women should take a deep breath and calm themselves as they allow the symptoms to pass over.

The adjustment of the body to the natural changes during menopause takes time and should be dealt with a lot of patience and relaxed attitude.

Natural remedies and measures of curbing the frequency of night sweats can help women stay away from medication or hormone replacement therapies. However, if the symptoms linger and refuse to go even after prolonged treatment at home, then it becomes advisable to consult a medical expert at the earliest.