Stop Snoring With Natural Home Remedies


Is your bed partner preventing you from having a good night peaceful sleep due to constant snoring?

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Well I know how difficult it is when you don’t have the required sleep !It’s kind of frustrating when your partner snores but I would advise you that instead of getting irritated and angry take some time to understand the causes of snoring and what should be done to ensure that your relationship is maintained.

What Is Snoring?

Under normal circumstances, the air you breathe flows through the air passage without any hindrance but for some reason or other while snoring the air passage gets blocked due to certain tissues and muscles in the throat. This obstruction causes the vibration when the air passes through the air pipe.

What actually happens is when you are in deep sleep the muscles and tissues in your throat and mouth roof relax and this relaxation causes the muscles to sag. When you breathe these tissues causes the passage to become narrower and hence start to vibrate. This noise is so terrible and can prevent you as well as your partner from having a good night’s sleep.

Research has shown that mostly men approximately 71% snore more the women folks. And moreover, women usually start snoring only after their menopause.



One of the most observable symptoms of snoring is the loud noise that tends to disturb people around. Apart from the noise there are some other factors which would seem unknown to others. This includes an irregular breathing pattern accompanied by small nasal tones . This can be understood from the fact that your people move away from your vicinity and may be hesitant to mention it to you.

Yet another noticeable element is that you may not feel refreshed and mentally at peace after having a night’s sleep. Also you may also face problems of not being able to concentrate in your work place.  This can also be accompanied with mood swings like anxiety, irritation, frustration and it can go to the extent of even affecting your personality.



There are numerous factors that cause this snoring pattern. If understood properly these causes could also help you to identify some useful solutions to prevent snoring.

In case you’re overweight it could be one of the causes since fat accumulates around the throat and neck thereby narrowing the passage for the air. Another common cause is smoking which is injurious in every possible way. In this case, smoking leads to secretion of excess mucus that tends to accumulate and thereby obstructs the flow of air into the passage.


If you are suffering from ailments such as asthma or sinus it can restrict the passage. If you’re a person who is under regular medication say like you’re a person who takes sleeping tablets these tablets can cause serious irritation in the nose and throat and hence can make you susceptible to snoring.

One word of caution for all the alcoholics out there! Don’t think that alcohol damages only your liver. It equally affects your throat because for the very reason that it relaxes and softens the tissues around the throat and hence blocking the air passage. One of the most obvious reason as to why we tend to get certain diseases is usually due to genes and hereditary. So can you change the biological constituency of your parents? Well the answer is unknown.

No one can deny the fact that you cannot remain young throughout your life. As you age your muscles tend to become weak and hence they sag. This sagging causes the blockage of your air passage.


Natural Home Remedies

Instill a few drops of pure ghee say around 3 -5 in each nostril every morning and night before your retire to bed. It has been proved to be a very effective treatment.Another solution that is readily available in the market nowadays is snoring pads or nasal strips that are to be applied over the nose so that the adhesive bands tighten the muscles around the nose and hence prevent it from sagging and blocking the air pipe.


A general overall remedy that can prevent numerous diseases is to follow a proper well balanced diet and regular exercising such as walking/jogging daily for say around 20 minutes.Avoid alcohol and cigarette smoking and in case you cannot prevent yourself from drinking please ensure that you do not drink 4 to 5 hours before going to bed.


Try as much as possible to maintain your weight within limits. Avoid too much of oily food and reduce spices and junk food. This is to ensure that excessive fat does not accumulate in your body.In case for some reason you take sedatives please try to avoid them as they depress your central nervous system thereby relaxing your muscles more than the required amount.

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Try your level best to stick to your sleep timings. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Following a scheduled proper routine is any day better than improper schedules which your body may find difficult to adjust.If you have the habit of breathing through your mouth then get a mouthpiece fitted. Since breathing through your mouth also causes snoring.

Certain changes can be brought about in the way you sleep. First try to sleep without a pillow because using pillows places your neck in such a position that makes breathing little difficult.

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Another solution is try to sleep by raising you upper body so that your tongue and jaw fall forward and gravity doesn’t pull them back to block the air passage.One observation that has been made is that people tend to snore while they lie on their back. So try to sleep on the side to enable the opening and widening of your air passage and hence reduce snoring.

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