Stop Sugar Cravings to Enhance your Health

Sugar cravings can occur at any time. Most people eat high amounts of sugar and when they attempt to reduce sugar in their diet their bodies are unable to cope with it and this leads to increasing cravings. Hugh amounts of sugar in your blood will have a negative impact on your health and hence you need to control sugar cravings. Not only does sugar lead to weight gain it also has an impact on your heart and your cholesterol levels. A person who has high volumes of sugar is more prone to diabetes. Hence reducing sugar and curbing cravings is in your best interest. If you suffer from constant sugar cravings then you need to analyze the timing and reasons for these cravings. Firstly if the cravings are based on your emotions (as most cravings are) then you need to deal with your emotions in order to reduce cravings and improve your health.

Check your kitchen pantry and the drawers for all sweets and sugary treats. Get rid of them immediately. Moving them to another location will not help as you will always be tempted; get them out of your house. In the first stages of eliminating sugar you will need to offer your body some form of sugar when it has a craving. Eating a fruit or having a fresh fruit juice is a good way of satisfying the craving. Do not indulge in cup cakes, cookies and chips when you snack.

Carrot sticks and celery sticks make perfect snacks. Eating fruits, dried fruits and nuts are nutritious and they control the body’s cravings for sugar. If you notice your body craving for sugar when you are idle then you must avoid long periods of doing nothing. If you have time to spare then go on a quick walk or cycle around the neighborhood. Exercising will help to refresh you and will take your mind of food for a while. Aromatherapy essential oils also help to prevent sugar cravings and reduce the body’s dependence on sugar. Spray lavender oil or orange oil in your room or add them to your bath water. They will help to get rid of the cravings.

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