Strengthen your Toddlers Immune System Naturally

Winter months are trying times for most toddlers. They seem to be most affected by the cold winds and often they suffer from runny noses, cough and fever. Illness cannot be avoided and thus most parents accept it as a part of life and move on to live with this fact. However this need not be the case; instead of spending time wiping your child’s runny nose you must work to improve your child’s immunity instead. Do not look at medication to do this; the best remedies are natural and home made.

In order to increase your toddler’s immunity you must let them get plenty of rest. Sleeping is the best way to increase ones power to fight diseases. When we sleep our body repairs itself and gets ready to fight infections. You must ensure that you toddler gets plenty of rest; especially during winter- flu season.

Just as it is important for your toddler to rest it is equally important for them to exercise. Toddlers are naturally high on energy and when they exercise they increase their immunity naturally and increase the body’s ability to fight diseases and illnesses. Ensure that the child plays outdoors early in the morning in order to get a good supply of Vitamin D.

Healthy foods can work wonders for anyone and it will work wonders on your toddler as well. Eating fruits and vegetables is a boon and it increases ones immunity naturally; the trick is to get your children to eat this food. Prepare the food in ways that are appealing to the children and they will relish them.

You must also ensure that the children drink plenty of water and maintain their hydration levels. Water flushes out harmful bacteria and toxins from the body and this helps to increase the immunity of the child. Ensure that the children drink plenty of natural fruit juices; these juices need to be sugar free.

This next remedy may seem absurd for a child but it works. During flu season offer your child a cup of green tea. The anti oxidants in the herbal tea will help to fight any illness and gets rid of harmful bacteria from the body. You can buy caffeine free green tea if you are offering it to your toddlers.

You may choose to use any one of these remedies or more than one. Experiment with your child to see what remedy works best for them.