Stress Management Tips

Stress is becoming a greater concern in today’s society. The rapidly changing life style today has led to a number of health problems including stress. It is sort of reaction of our body to the mental and physical situations. These abnormal reactions are termed as stress.

stress management

The condition of stress is associated with our mental approach i.e., what we think and how we take the world around us, social status, economic conditions. There is no treatment of stress but it can be reduced by various methods. Stress is more dangerous if the person is introvert by nature. Stress takes the person away from the social life. The person suffering from stress wants to spent more and more of his time alone and this increases the symptoms of stress.

Factors Responsible For Stress

The overwork, work pressure, deadlines, poor economic condition, abnormal social approach, shock due to some good or bad news may be the factors responsible for the problem of stress. Stress in many cases proves to be dangerous. The major symptoms of stress may include consistent and milk headache, fatigue, mild body pain, backaches, stiffness in breathing, lack of appetite, decreased self esteem, memory loss etc. In some cases a considerable decrease in desire for sex, sleeplessness, shallow breathing etc can also observed to be the symptoms of stress.


Tips To Remain Stress Free

There are a number of home based treatments which can reduce stress considerably. Various essential oils are very effective in treatment of stress. Spend maximum time with friends and family members. Don’t think about the negative aspects of life. Just think of the good things which you have done and which you are going to do.


A proper blood circulation to each part of the body is very helpful in treatment of stress. Regular exercise and morning walk can be very helpful in avoiding stress. Consumption of alcoholic drink increases the symptoms of stress and hence you should avoid taking alcoholic drinks. If you have spare time, read some good literature or watch good programs on TV.