Stuffed Up Nose- How To Treat Naturally

Stuffed up nose, also called nasal congestion or congested nose is caused from the blockage of nasal passages. It is an extremely frustrating and annoying condition for the individual who is suffering from it. The most common cause of the stuffed nose is common cold.

Besides these, other factors like smoke of the cigarettes, cars, exhausted fumes and household dust are also responsible for stuffed nose. Similarly, pollen allergies, ragweed, dust mites, feathers of birds, animal furs, contact to irritating chemical like bleach, chlorine, etc can also lead to stuffed nose. Trauma to head, chemotherapy, chronic nasal infections, nasal polyps, chemicals in paints, carpets and new houses, some types of food and even over counter medications can also cause nasal congestion. However, there are a lot of natural cures to stuffy nose. Some of the remedies are mentioned below:

Hot liquids: With the intake of hot liquids, one can easily get rid of stuffy nose that have occurred due to cold. Hot chicken soup, tea, vegetable soup, hot beverages, apple cider etc help in the clearing of the stuffy nose. In fact, the heat and the steam of these liquids help to start the runny nose and thereby clear all the mucus.

Garlic: Take some garlic and mash it. Extract the juice from the garlic and mix the liquid with honey as well as with the juice from the aloe plant. Take two small cotton balls, immerse them in the mixture and put them inside the nostrils for about 5-10 minutes.

Sniffing irritants: Some sniffing irritants help us to deal with stuffed nose. Onion, menthol etc are some of such irritants. Just cut an onion into half and hold it under the nose or smear menthol and stroke it under the nostrils. Either of these two has proved to be great in the dealing with stuffed nose.

Steam inhalation: Inhalation of steam is known to be an effective remedy for stuffed nose. Eucalyptus or mint oil steam inhalation is useful for the curing of stuffy nose. Besides this, by standing under a hot shower one can get his nose running.