Summer Weight Loss Strategies for Men and Women

Summer is here and your body still has large amounts of fat in it. The fat that you accumulate during winter piles on and before you know it summer arrives and you are not ready for it. If you want to loose the excess baggage that you’ve gained during winter then here are a few basic and simple rules to get you started.

Count your calories

This may seem unappealing. Where I come from we are taught not to count how much we eat. It is also a state that has the largest number of obese people in it so I don’t recommend going by that rule. Counting the amount of calories you consume makes it easy for you to understand what you need to cut down on.

You can learn to count calories by checking the calorie count of the foods you eat on websites that are host to diet specific information. You must write down everything that you eat and account for every single calorie. Women must consume 1300 calories while men need almost 2000 calories per day.

You can use a notepad, spreadsheet or note it down on your mobile phone. This may be a time consuming task initially however as you learn to do it you will be able to pull it of with ease. In order to loose weight you will need to burn more calories that you consume daily so let’s now look at how to do it.

Your Eating Plan

You need to plan your meals in such a way that they stay within the calorie limit that you set for yourself. Ideally this means that you need to eat several meals per day rather than 3 basic meals as the latter will lead to weight gain. Don’t eat a large chunk of your calories either too early in the day or too late. In an ideal scenario healthy foods are low in calories thus allowing you to consume large quantities. However if the body craves a certain food it will continue to do so till you can provide it. In this case it is better to eat an unhealthy food in a small quantity rather than eating a large quantity of healthy foods that the body doesn’t care for.


It is important to exercise but don’t depend solely on exercise to loose weight. Only those professionals who exercise for several hours in the week are able to control their weight by exercising.

Thus in order to loose weight you will need to follow a consistent diet and exercise regime.