Sweating And Burning Of The Feet

Sweating and burning sensation is a common problem among people today. The heating generated on the bottom of the feet generally leads to the burning sensation and is mostly felt when the surrounding temperature is comparatively higher.  The clinical term for sweating of the feet is Planter Hyperhidrosis. The person suffering from sweating of the feet experiences a difficulty in wearing sandals.

Regular sweating of the feet can damage the shoes from inside. Odor is generated due to the sweating and the feet become more prone to the infection. Both the sweating of the feet and burning sensation are experienced more during the summer and rainy season of the year. However, in some cases the burning sensation can also be felt during winter also. Incase you experience severe pain apart from burning sensation and sweating, you should consult a doctor for the diagnosis.

Consumption of fruits in good amount can help in reducing the problem of burning sensation. Take fruit juices on a regular basis. Go for the fruits which are rich in water content. Take care of your diet and avoid unhealthy food. Intake of vitamins and other necessary nutrients helps in preventing sweating and burning sensation of the feet.

Yogurt is very effective in reducing the burning sensation. Consumption of yogurt in good amount is advisable to avoid sweating of the feet. You should wear open well ventilated shoes rather than tight one. Burning sensation of the feet can also be reducing by applying paste of henna (mehendi) leaves on the sole of the feet. Drink water in more than sufficient amount because a well hydrated body is always a lesser risk of getting burning sensation of the feet.

Washing feet with cold water many times a day can help in reducing the burning sensation and can protect the feet from odor and infection. Take rest after washing your feet in cold water. Eating hot food can make the condition worse, hence you are advised to avoid the hot food.

Though some medical treatment are also available for avoiding sweating and burning sensation of the feet, but the remedies mention here are the simplest and the easiest way to get rid of the problem. Moreover these remedies are free from any sort of side effect. However if the symptoms are still there, you are advised to consult a doctor for a better treatment.