Swelling Feet Cure With Herbal And Natural Treatment

Swollen feet are a widespread difficulty for many individuals all over the globe. It is a condition when the feet swell abnormally causing difficulty in walking or any kind of movement. For some people, the gravity of the earth causes the swelling in the feet and hands in the late afternoon.

But in case the swelling is not caused due to gravity, then it has is caused due to a more serious kind of problem. Swollen feet can result from a large number of grounds like strains and sprains, bites and stings, heart disease, arthritis, kidney disease and so on. Whatever might be the cause of this condition.

Swelling feet can be treated effectively by herbal and natural remedies:

Massage: Massage has played an effective role in the curing and treating of swollen feet. Both hot water massage as well as the cold water massage has shown successful ways of relieving the discomfort that is caused from the swelling of the feet. Regarding cold water massage, one just needs to hold the feet under the tap in bath tub or insert them into the cool foot bath.

Similar process is also followed in the case of hot water massage. Also massaging the feet with peppermint scented foot lotion helps to stroke the muscles and tendons and work the strain and pressure out.

Exercises: Exercises are extremely helpful for the curing of swollen feet. In particular, leg exercises aids in the increase of the blood circulation as well as help in the removing of excess fluid from the feet.

There are also a lot of stretching exercises that help in the prevention as well as treating of swollen feet.

Lavender: Lavender is excellent for the swollen feet. Many of us are unaware that lavender bubble baths as well as foot massage consists of wonderful ingredients that have the ability to relieve the discomfort faced by the sufferer suffering from the swollen feet.

Sandalwood oil: Sandalwood oil massage is known to have a soothing effect on the swollen feet. Moreover the captivating essence of the oil refreshes both the mind as well as the body of the individuals.

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