Symptoms and Cure for Panic Disorder

What is panic disorder?

Panic disorder is one of the many anxiety related illnesses that have been categorized. According to statistics it is more popular in adults, though there may be cases where the disorder generates in childhood. Women are twice as more likely to develop the disorder compared to men. If you have a biological relative that has the disorder then you are 8 times more likely to develop the disorder yourself. Thus, genetics play an important role here.

Symptoms of panic disorder

The main symptoms are recurrent panic attacks that may last from several seconds to several minutes. The attacks are sudden feelings of fear or terror. They generally last for upto 10 minutes, however in extremely severe cases they can last for hours. Post the attack the person feels exhausted and still retains the fear. In some cases attacks happen so often that they overlap each other giving the person little to no time to recuperate from the initial attack. This is potentially life threatening as it can cause heart attacks due to increase in blood pressure.

How can you treat the disorder?

Medication clubbed with Cognitive behavior therapy is the only solution to this disorder. The idea behind the therapy is to help patients realize the source of their fear and fight back using defense mechanisms eventually leading to elimination of the disorder.

Another form of treatment is psychotherapy; where the person is made aware of the unconscious fear and fantasy. Psychotherapy is only administered by a professional counselor.

Several anti depressant and anti anxiety drugs are available that can be used only by prescription. Serotonin is the most popular anti depressant drug available in the market.

Why is treating the disorder necessary?

Panic attacks can have a lasting impression on your life. The images that a person witnesses during these attacks are haunting and leave an impression on them. The sooner you begin the treatment the faster you will b able to experience relief and eliminate the symptoms of the disorder.

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