10 Symptoms And Natural Treatment Of Stomach Ache In Kids


10 Natural Treatment Of Stomach Ache In Kids

Stomach aches are very painful for the children and many a times they do not tell the parents. There can be number of reasons for the kids to suffer from stomach ache; it can be constipation, ulcer, food poisoning or eating something unhygienic. Amongst all these constipation is the most common problem which causes bellyache.

We should never ignore the stomach aches in the kids as they might cause serious troubles like, kidney stones, appendicitis or urinary tract infections etc.

Major Features of Stomach Ache

Fever Is Symptom Of Stomach Acne

Nausea in infants, Loss of appetite, Severe pain due to formation of gas in the infants, Recurrent pain in the stomach, Fever might come along with pain, Reoccurrences of pain after short intervals, Diarrhoea in the Toddlers.


Heating the belly with warm water bottle or heating pad give instant relief. Let the child sit on the toilet seat to pass stool for pain relief. Avoid milk and dairy products for some time and give water at frequent intervals.

Avoid Milk Is Treatment Of Stomach Acne

Medicines should only be given after consulting the doctor and if there is mild fever. Ginger Ale, gelatine dessert or ice candy should be given it helps in reducing the pain. Try natural remedies prepared at home to ease the pain. Just give boiled or mineral water to avoid any kind of contamination.

Few Natural Remedies For Stomach Ache

Carom Seeds

Boil some carom (ajwain seeds) in some water, till the water gets light yellowish tinge. Remove it from flame and let it cool down and then give the child to drink it when it is Luke warm. This is very effective in reducing stomach-ache instantly if given half glass every day.

Carom Seeds To Reduce Stomach Pain


Yogurt gives cooling effect to the stomach thus helps in easing stomach pain. Make a nice smoothie with fruits or make a cool dessert from yoghurt; it is a natural laxative for stomach-ache. Massaging also helps in curing the pain. Take some essential oil in your palm and massage in circular motions on the belly with slight pressure, following the digestive tract.

Yogurt To Reduce Stomach Pain

Lemon Tea

Lemon tea with honey drops is also very helpful in reducing stomach ache. But the tea should not be cold; it should be Luke warm so that it relaxes the muscles of the kid’s stomach. Take out the juice of a piece of ginger by grating it. Use this juice to massage the kids belly, it relaxes the stomach pain.

A mixture of a teaspoon of lime juice and mint juice with a bit of ginger juice and black salt to taste is a good remedy from stomach ache. Sipping warm water slowly also gives relief from pain.

Lemon Tea To Reduce Stomach Pain

Avoid Cold Drinks

You can prevent stomach ache by maintaining proper hygiene in the house. Give pure water to the child by boiling it. Avoid giving medicines without proper consultation from the doctor. Take the Ringworm treatment every year to the kid.

Do not let him overeat so that the digestive system remains healthy. Avoid cold drinks, colas and ice creams, fatty and oily foods as they produce gas in the stomach. By using all these simple methods you can easily and happily say goodbye to your babies stomach ache.

Avoid Cold Drinks To Reduce Stomach Pain

Heat Therapy

It is very efficient and effective way of controlling and easing belly ache in your kids. If you apply some warmth in the abdominal area of the kid with the help of warm water bottle it will ease out the pain. But it is recommended not to use heating pads for kids below the age of 12 as it might burn their belly skin, so use a bottle filled with warm bottle or hot waster bag can be used but not heating pads.

This will reduce the pain and if the child is suffering from constipation then the problem of constipation will also be removed. Instead of putting the warm heating bag on the stomach of the child you can keep the bag or bottle on your knees and make the baby or the kid lie on the bag, this way the warmth will be transferred to the abdomen in more effective manner.

Heat Therapy To Reduce Stomach Pain

However for kids above the age of 12 you can use heating pads, but always remember to keep the heating to low. Do not make him lie over the heating pad, instead make him lie on his back and then keep the heating pad on his belly.

Abdominal Massage

It is another effective conventional way to treat stomach ache in kids. Take some oil or you can do without oil too and massage his abdominal area in clockwise circular motions. The circles should be below the chest are and above the groin area. This should be followed by anti clockwise circular motions in the same area and in the same way.

This can be followed by up and downward motions in the stomach area. This process helps in eliminating any toxic gases entrapped in the stomach through the intestinal area. This will give instant relief to the child. After the massage bend his both the knees towards the stomach and exert a little pressure, this will release all the gases entrapped in the stomach.

Massage To Reduce Stomach Pain

Water Therapy

Make the child drink enough water throughout the day , this will re instate the acidity imbalance created in the stomach due to spicy or fast foods or due to over eating too. Water will reduce the acidity by diluting the acids produced thus easing the stomach pain. Do not drink water in one go drink it sip by sip.

Water Therapy To Reduce Stomach Pain

Peppermint Capsules Or Liquid

Peppermint is natural stomach ache soother according to various studies. But an infant should not be treated with any kind of peppermint products because it can cause severe reactions in the baby. However kids above the age of 5 years can be given peppermint candies or you can massage peppermint oil on their stomach to reduce the stomach pain. Peppermint is considered to be an excellent anti bacterial and antiviral herb with great soothing and numbing effects.

Peppermint Capsules To Reduce Stomach Pain