Symptoms And Treatment Of Hernia For Women Naturally


Hernia is basically a protrusion or an opening through the tissues that protect the abdominal wall and this is due to excessive weakness of the muscles. Because of this muscle weakening it causes the abdominal wall to bulge out. 

The visibility of this bulge is more prominent when these abdominal muscles tighten thereby increasing the pressure on the abdominal walls. There are a numerous factors that cause this bulge or hernia to worsen such as lifting heavy weight articles or coughing or even a strained bowel movement. Hernia can actually affect any part of the body but the most commonly affected are the abdominal walls.

Description of Hernia

Hernias can cause an immense amount of pain and can also reduce overall mobility of a person. It is advisable to cure them only through external manipulation. Based on the nature of the organ protruding and strength of the muscles hernia can be extremely complicated. Serious complications of hernia can lead to the trapping of the tissues and hence these tissues would have their blood supply cut off .When the blood supply is stopped to these tissues it eventually leads to the death of these tissues and the only solution to repair this damage is through surgery but even before letting that happen you can prevent them with natural remedies which is discussed later.

Types of hernia

There are several types of hernia since it can affect any organ in the body. Different types of hernia affect people of all ages.

Inguinal hernia

This is the most common hernia affecting both sexes with men being the most affected. It occurs in the area where your bowel pokes through your lower abdomen into your groin (region in front of your body).There are certain risk factors that need to be kept in mind that are very important. One thing that is very obvious is that if you’re obese then the probability is high. Secondly, if you very often carry heavy weights then watch out you may be susceptible. Thirdly, if you have long term cough or have severe constipation problems then also you’re in a risky position.

Femoral hernia

It is where a fatty tissue or a part of your bowel that pokes itself through the groin area. Affects both the sexes but most common in women and the risk factors are same as that of inguinal hernia.

Epigastric, umbilical, incisional, lumbar, internal and Spigelian hernia are known to occur at different regions around the abdomen that are prone to structural weakness. Excluding the internal hernia all others are accompanied by swelling and pain or severe discomfort at the affected area. Internal hernia on the other hand is extremely difficult to identify until the intestine (bowel) is trapped and obstructed since there is no visual evidence of a lump or swelling. Umbilical hernia is very common in infants and as the child gets older it would be resolved without the need for any treatment.


Hernia may usually go unnoticeable in the beginning and may merely appear as a small lump under the skin .Then as time passes, the internal pressure begins to mount and press against the weak tissues then you may experience severe pain and that’s when you realize that something is wrong. Earlier hernia could be reduced by pushing in the extra protrusion back to their original places. In case you’re not able to push it back to their normal position then the hernia is said to be incarcerated.

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Hernia is nowadays very common and is prevalent in most of the families and the main causes could be things such as coughing, lifting heavy objects, being obese or accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity. Yet another factor could be due to lung disease. Hernia may occur at birth also but mostly as people age the tissues tend to get weak and lose their strength and they become more susceptible to this.

Home remedies and natural treatment for hernia

Hernia usually requires surgery to rectify it and push the bulge into its normal position but you can also use these natural home remedies.

You can start increasing the number of times you take your meals instead of sticking to two main meals a day. Reduce intake of caffeine, alcohol and spices that build up the acid in your body. It goes without saying that you need to cut down on the fatty substances and reduce the level of cholesterol in your body.

One important note is that you should never bend or do any kind of exercises just after your meals since they heavily damage your abdominal muscles.

Most of the young ladies out there may not prefer this advice as to avoid tight fitting clothes around your abdomen and stomach area that puts pressure on your muscles.

Try your level best not to lift heavy weights and in case you’re in a position that you can’t avoid that, you have to make sure that your back is protected such that it does not apply pressure in the abdominal region.

And you should lie in an elevated position but that does not imply that you need to use pillows. Using pillows actually increase the abdominal pressure. Instead elevate your bed by using bricks under your bed. This has been proven to be a highly effective treatment.

Ensure that you’re adding extra fiber to your diet and also you can drink a quarter cup of aloe vera juice in the morning and night.

Avoid constipation by drinking a lot of water daily and also avoid too much strain during your bowel movements.

A common and popular herbal remedy for hernia is inclusion of slippery elm and chamomile tea. You can mix a bark of slippery elm in your chamomile tea so that it would enclose and protect the abdominal area by forming a layer around the region.

Well one question that still hasn’t been addressed is whether hernia is inherited? Genes do dictate the inherited features and structures but at the same time you may also inherit those factors that cause the tissues to weaken and lose their strength and leading to the formation of hernia. But it does not mean that the children of a person who has hernia will also develop the same.

To conclude, hernia can be prevented by numerous ways and in case of people who are suffering from it please try to follow these simple home remedies that can actually resolve your pain and suffering.