Symptoms and Treatments for Measles

Measles is caused due to a virus. Earlier it was considered to be dangerous. However nowadays due to a vaccine that has been developed for measles, the disease is mush less common than it used to be. The symptoms of measles include sensitivity to sunlight and other light sources. Fever that could spike up to 105 degrees F in some cases has also been recorded and red rash on the body.

In case you feel that you have the measles then you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. He would also make a note of the case and inform the concerned authorities about its occurrence as if not treated properly and if the virus strain is a new strain and stronger then it could cause an out break.

In case the fever is very high then take ibuprofen or acetaminophen to help reduce the fever, pains and aches. Unless directed by a doctor, do not give aspirin to a person under 18, due to its association with Reye’s syndrome.

Make sure that the shades are drawn as if you have the measles then you would tend to be sensitive towards light. This would also be other light sources like tubes and bulbs so it is advisable to dim all the lights. Do not try reading or doing any close work in dim light as this would only cause your eyes to get irritated. Avoid watching television or using the computer as this again would strain your eyes and cause more fatigue. Avoid going out and if you have to then wear sunglasses. Soothe your eyes as often as possible with a cool compress.

In case of rash, that spreads over the body, you can take a bath in oatmeal. This helps relieve the itching sensation. Get as much rest as possible and avoid contacting others. If a child has the measles then make sure that he/she stays at home from school for a couple of days.

If you feel congested or you are coughing frequently and are finding it hard to breathe then use a vaporizer or a humidifier to help break up the mucus.

Fever tends to drain your energy out and also makes you feel dehydrated so drink plenty of water. Beverages can be taken either hot or cold it all depends on what makes you feel better. Avoid having very cold beverages as this would only worsen congestion. Make your own cough syrup by mixing one part of lemon juice with two parts of honey. This is a very good and effective remedy for common cough as well.