Symptoms Causes And Natural Treatments For Leg Cramp

A leg cramp is nothing but a short contraction of muscle. When the muscles decide to be flexible and stay away from it, the situation is known as leg cramp. Those peoples who have more muscular problems seem to have more leg cramp also.

Some of the reasons for leg cramps are warm skin, red swollen legs, pain etc. Body building, swimming and playing are some of the regular causes of leg cramps.


Several treatments are their which can treat leg cramp. Firstly try to check which of the activities are causing leg cramps then try to stop them but slowly.

Secondly stretch out the cramped muscle and give it a soft massage. When your muscle is sore apply cold cloth and when it is intense or tight apply a hot one.

Calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium are linked with the leg cramp. Certain drugs for high blood pressure are also the cause of leg cramp. Avoid taking soft drinks because they contain phosphates which start depleting calcium and magnesium from your body.

Every muscle in our body has an antagonist, so the quickest way to relieve a cramp muscle is to put antagonistic pressure.  This pressure will relieves pain from the cramped muscle. Vitamin E is the most relevant factor of removing leg cramp. You can also take a good food source of vitamin E.