Symptoms Of Bladder Disease


Symptoms Of Bladder Disease Gall bladder or commonly called as the bladder plays a vital role in human digestive system. The functionality of it is to store bile produced by liver; if there is a malfunctioning of the bladder then the fat present in the blood will not break down.

There are various symptoms of bladder disease. In this article I have discussed the various symptoms and remedies for gall bladder disease.

Symptoms of Bladder Disease


Jaundice is considered as a major symptom of the gall bladder disease. In many people jaundice is caused by the malfunctioning of the liver and the gall bladder.

So any disorders in gall bladder should be noticed in the initial stage itself otherwise it may lead to complications. The major symptoms of jaundice are white in the eyes turns yellow. In some cases urine turns yellowish or brown in color. In most people skin turns yellow in color.

Gall Stones

Gall stones are the second major symptoms of bladder disease. Presence of stones in the gall bladder may cause some complications in the health of the human beings.

It is highly recommended that you consult a doctor immediately to get rid of such problems. Such conditions should be treated immediately or it may lead to removal of gall bladder. In advanced stages gall bladder removal surgery is done for people who suffer from gall bladder problems.

The problems in gall bladder occur mainly due to food rich in fat. So avoid heavy meals as much as possible in the dinner. The gall stone are the major reason for gall bladder attack and gall bladder infections.

Pain in the Gall Bladder

The next major symptom of the bladder disease is the pain in gall bladder. Some people get pain in the upper abdomen. The pain can last from a few minutes to few hours. In some cases people recover from pain within minutes and in some cases people have to consult a doctor immediately.

The pain usually appears in the upper abdomen and then spreads between the shoulders and slightly moves to the arms. Some people also feel some vomiting sensation but you should not vomit forcefully. Some people can also feel nausea. If you have an unbearable pain then you should consult a doctor immediately.

Heart Pain

In some patients a pain can be felt in the right side of the heart.

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Remedies for Bladder Diseases

It is highly recommended that you use pain killers when you feel such pains in the upper stomach. It’s a must to change your eating habits. Always consume food that has a lower fat. Avoid eating heavy meals in dinner before going to bed.

If you feel such symptoms always feel always consult a doctor and take the advised medications.

In order to consolidate the major symptoms of bladder diseases include

Severe pain in upper stomach
Pain in right heart
Pain spreads between arms
Unwanted gas
Attacks after a heavy meal in dinner

If you encounter such symptoms treat it immediately to avoid any further complications.

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