Symptoms Of Breast Soreness


breast soreness Soreness of the breasts can trouble you at any stage of life. The breast tissue is quite prone to getting sore. There can be many reasons behind this soreness of breast. It can manifest with a variety of symptoms, but all of them pertain to varying types of pains or heaviness.

Usually, when the breast pain occurs women start dreading it because of possibility of cancer. Whereas, breast cancer rarely brings pain in the early stages. When we want to recognize the symptoms of soreness of breast, it helps to know the causes of soreness. There can be multiple causes that can give you breast pain, also called mastalgia.

Top Symptoms Of Breast Soreness

Symptoms Of Cyclic Breast Pain

This breast soreness is linked with menstruation cycle. It shows itself as a dull to heavy aches of the breasts. Often you can feel the lumpiness in the breast. It may be even swelling of the breasts. Usually you will feel these symptoms in both the breasts. The central parts of the breasts are seldom affected, pain is felt on the sides and upper parts which may radiate to the underarm.

It stays for a fortnight starting two weeks before the menstrual period. You will feel a distinct relief as soon as the menstruation begins and it is likely to vanish at this phase. Even if it lingers on, it goes away completely by the last day of menstruation.

Non Cyclic Breast Pain

This pain is not linked to menstruation. The symptoms are also slightly different. This soreness may be constant or intermittent. It feels like a tight breast with a burning sore.

Risks, Symptoms And Treatment Of Metastatic Breast Cancer

It is likely to be a localized affliction and may be there in only one breast. But, it is possible that this spreads over the whole breast. It catches hold of the women after they reach their menopause.

Extra Mammary Breast Pain

Many a times it feels like as if the breast is sore, in reality it may not be so. The origin of pain is actually outside the breast. You may have pulled a muscle or over stretched the chest and rib cage muscles. This is likely to cause pain in the chest area.

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The Other Symptoms Of Breast Pain


There are no lumps, no tumors and no other abnormality, but the breast tissue may feel sore. Then there is another type of breast pain where the breast tissue does not pain but the underlying wall of breast has pain. This may be due to the problems of chest muscles or chest bones.

Symptoms Of Cancerous Breast Pain

It is of utmost importance for all the women to be aware of symptoms of breast cancer and its connection with the soreness of breast. The initial symptom is not of any soreness, but you will feel painless lump. It may be associated with the discharge from a nipple or lump. There may be redness and swelling of the breast.

It is advisable that you see the doctor for any soreness in your breast. Though, usually not, it may turn out to be some serious issue that is underlying the soreness of breasts.