Symptoms Of First Menstruation


girls first menstruation The first menstruation cycle, popularly known as menarche, begins at different ages for different girls. The exact timing of the start of menstruation cannot be predicted, but there are certain biological symptoms that hint towards the beginning of periods in young girls.

A slight cramp on the side of the stomach is one of the major symptoms of first menstruation; this is when the ovary releases eggs to prepare the young girl’s body to have a baby. However, doctors claim that this cramp is so light that it goes unnoticed by most girls. Listed below are more obvious symptoms of first menstruation in girls.

Recognize Symptoms Of First Menstruation 

Growth of Breast

The growth in the size of breasts is noticed more than six months before the start of the first periods. First, there is an elevation in the nipple, also known as breast budding.

Growth of Breast

It is when a girl’s breast has grown to a size where she can fit it into a bra that her first periods is less than three months away. The color of the skin surrounding the nipples also changes and becomes darker.

Hair in Armpits

There is a gradual growth of hair in the armpits of young girls. First there is very thin, fine hair in the region. When the breasts have acquired a size that can fit into a bra, the armpit hair also grows to a size that is visible to the eye and should be shaved.

Stomach and Head Aches

These are symptoms that occur just before the beginning of periods throughout a girl’s life. However, they are more pronounced immediately before the onset of the first menstruation cycle.

stomach ache

Cramps in the stomach and a nagging pain in the head are accompanied by irritability in mood. Mood swings are frequent in a girl who is about to have her first periods.

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Mild Depression

Along with irritability and moodiness, depression in a young girl whose first periods date is approaching is also common. This is because of the excess production of the female hormone estrogen. The hormonal changes lead to emotional instability in the young girl and she sinks into a state of mild depression. In medicine, this condition is termed as PMT (pre menstrual tension) and is perhaps the most externally visible symptom of the first menstruation.

Vaginal Discharge

One to two months before the start of menstruation, there is a discolored discharge from the vagina. The amount of discharge increases as the periods date draws near.

Vaginal Discharge

It is usually thick in consistency and may cause pain in the lower abdomen region while moving out of the vagina. There is nothing to worry about until the discharge emanates a foul smell or causes itching.


Some people are of the idea that spotting can occur only after the first periods has started. However, in some girls, light brown or light red spotting is observed even before the first menstruation. Though this condition is not serious, it is indicative of the fact that the girl will experience heavy bleeding from the very first month of periods.