Symptoms Of Skin Fungal Infection And How To Prevent It

Fungus commonly infects the skin. Skin fungal infections are common in all age groups. Here are the symptoms of skin fungal infection and ways to prevent it.

Fungal infections are caused due to fungus tinea or candida. Both belong to different family of fungi affecting human skin. Fungus usually thrives on areas of the skin which become hot and humid due to sweat e.g. body folds, groins, axillae, sub mammary folds etc.

In candidal fungal infection, there is formation of moist, reddish inflamed patches. Scaling occurs in the infected skin. Tiny pustules form. In severe cases the surface of these patches become eroded or ulcerated and discharge inflammatory fluid. Tinea fungal infection results in scaly pigmented patch, periphery of which shows very thin fluid filled eruptions, reddish papules. These patches clear out in the centre and progress peripherally to produce a ring like lesion. Hence this fungus is also called as ringworm.

The most important symptom of any fungal infection is itching. Itching is intolerable and it even disrupts sleep at night. Due to scratching, the infection spreads further. The fungus gets trapped in the nails during scratching and it can spread to other skin areas.

Skin fungal infection can be prevented following some easy ways. Whenever the climate is hot and humid, there is sweating.  So at such times, you need to take a bath, dry yourself thoroughly and then wear cotton clothes. Wearing synthetic undergarments should be strictly avoided. Do not let any moisture remain in body folds. It provides a beneficial environment for the fungus to grow.

Your footwear should also be comfortable and one that absorbs sweat. Fungus grows in between the toes when it finds the right temperature and moisture. Fungal infection is contagious. So do not share personal things like towels, caps, combs, shaving blades with anyone.

If you are a diabetic, keep your blood glucose levels in control. Low immunity levels give a chance for those fungal infections to thrive. So persons on steroids, immunosuppressive drugs, with HIV disease should be more careful. Frequent use of antibiotic creams should also be avoided. Obese persons have more skin folds due to extra fat and also a tendency to sweat which helps the fungus to grow. So keep your weight under control.