Symptoms of Stomach Cancer


Stomach Cancer Cancer of the stomach can be very difficult to detect. Often the symptoms are non specific and vague, forcing a patient to opt for a battery of medical tests in order to decipher how far the disease has advanced! Rapid loss of weight and a feeling of nausea throughout the day are the main symptoms.

However, they are not conclusive and a timely diagnosis is required to stop the growth of the cancerous cells in the stomach. In this page we help you to know about some of the chief symptoms of stomach cancer.

Most Common Symptoms Of Stomach Cancer

Blood in Stool

Take precaution as soon as you see blood in your stool. Visiting the doctor for conclusive tests is necessary when you come across blood in the stool because it may signify the first stage of stomach cancer. According to medical practitioners, the spread of cancer leads to fissures in the thin skin capillaries which leads to bleeding that comes out with stool.

Discomfort in the Abdomen

A steady and regular pain in the abdominal region is a sure symptom of stomach cancer. The mild to extreme pain normally affects the upper abdomen.

Discomfort in the Abdomen

If the pain remains for more than two days, you must get stomach cancer tests conducted.

Nausea and Vomiting

If you are throwing up after every meal, it may point to the development of stomach cancer. Take excess precaution if you are vomiting blood. Cancerous cells in the stomach damage the lining of the esophagus which leads to bleeding.

Bloating of the Abdomen

The damage inflicted in the intestinal walls by the malignant cells leads to indigestion. This in turn leads to a bloated abdomen. If your abdomen is bloating even when you are eating normal food, visit the doctor for tests for stomach cancer.

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Poor Appetite

Skipping alternate meals everyday can be normal. But if you do not feel hungry even after skipping one meal, you have probably contracted stomach cancer. Visit your nearest doctor and get tests done immediately.


A persistent stressed and fatigued feeling throughout the day is a major symptom of stomach cancer. Often the tiredness results from loss of blood in stool and vomit.


If you feel tired in spite of sleeping well or taking rest, it is pointing to the medical condition in the form of stomach cancer.

Change in Bowel Habits

Diarrhea and constipation are two of the most common symptoms of stomach cancer. Depending on the extent of harm caused by malignant cells in the stomach, the patient will either suffer from constipation or frequent visits to the bathroom.

Rapid Loss of Weight

If your weight loss is unintentional and you have been shedding the kilos without exercise or dieting, do not be too happy! It is a symptom of the development of cancerous cells in the stomach which rob the nutrition given to the body and lead to various medical conditions including stomach cancer.

Pain in the Chest

As stated earlier, indigestion is one of the major symptoms of stomach cancer. When food is not digested properly, it leads to acidity and gas that in turn cause a light pain in the chest. Do not ignore the pain if it is persistent. Get tests conducted to conclude that it is stomach cancer.

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