Syphilis Treatment with Diet and Herbs

Syphilis is an infection; it is a sexually transmitted disease that can cause extreme health complications at a later stage if left untreated. There are in general two types of syphilis infection – one is active and the other one is inactive.

The active syphilis is the one where the symptoms are manifested while the inactive syphilis is those where no symptoms are traceable. Treponema pallidum is a type of bacteria that can cause the infection of syphilis.

This bacterium enters the human body with the help of mucus membranes and is extremely contagious. The bacteria can be transferred to other people if there is a rash or a sore.

The infection can also be transferred to other people if any individual has a direct contact like sexual intercourse whether vaginal, oral or anal with the person suffering from syphilis.

The infection can also be transmitted by a needle that has been previously used on an infected person or can also spread through blood transfusion. However the infection can be efficiently treated with the help of herbs and diet.

Gokulanta: Take some gokulakanta leaves. The decoction of the leaves of the herb is used for the treating of the disease like syphilis and gonorrhea. This herb is extremely useful in the purifying of the blood and aids in the treating of urinary disorders as well as liver disorders such as hepatitis and jaundice.

Indian Pennywort: Indian pennywort is known as a successful herb for the chancre phase of syphilis. The herb is beneficial as it helps to prevent the ulcers that occur with the syphilis symptoms. Make a fine powder of the dried leaves of the herb. Now use this powder on the syphilis ulcers. It helps to cure and treat the disease efficiently.

Diet: Although diet does not play a vital role in the treating and curing of the infection, but there are a few foods that help in the relieving of certain symptoms of the ailment. Rice, honey, wheat, bitter vegetables like bitter gourd and radish, barley, green gram, foods prepared in sesame oil helps to relieve certain symptoms that provide relief from the symptoms of syphilis.