Taking care of newborn baby’s health

Offspring are blessings of our present days and promises of tomorrow. Going home with a newborn baby might be an exciting factor but at times scary too. As the baby has a very sensitive body, they can easily become sick and irritated, if not properly handled.
Newborn infant is prone to falling sick as their body has a feeble immune system to tackle these diseases. Hence, they should be handled with protection and care.

Some of the main health concerns of a newborn infant are:

Jaundice: Jaundice is common for most of the newborn babies as their liver are in the prime and cannot get rid of the bilirubin in the blood. Exposure of the baby to sunlight or under a special type of light treatment called phototherapy helps the baby’s liver to remove the bilirubin easily.
Fever: When a baby within four months of his birth has a fever, it should be taken sincerely as the immune system of the baby is not fully developed in fighting infections.
Cough and cold: Cough and cold are the most worrying factors to new mothers and are quite common in new born babies. The baby becomes restless accompanied by running nose and slight rise in temperature of their bodies. Saline nose drops sometimes helps to flush the mucus away otherwise visiting the physician would be helpful for the parents.
Vaccination: Vaccination is a must for every single newborn baby as it protects the baby from the attacks of a number of infections and viruses. The newborn are more prone to illness because of their feeble immune system. Vaccination helps the baby’s body fight various infections and viruses.
Breast Feeding: Breast feeding practice is followed in most parts of the world. The immunity strength of the breast milk containing vitamins and minerals not only helps the newborn fight infections but also increases the baby’s ability to digestion. The emotional bonding between the mother and baby are strengthened with breast feeding.
Proper handling of head and neck: New born babies rely on your support of their head and neck as their neck muscles are absolutely weak after birth and the baby has no control over his head. He develops this technique within first 6 months of his birth, which is followed by his learning of crawling, sitting and walking.
Handling with care: The infants should not be shaken vigorously out of frustration or while playing with them as it may lead to bleeding in the brain and may even cause death. Instead they should always be handled with care and protection.