Ten Natural Cures For Ovarian Cancer


Natural Cures For Ovarian Cancer Ovarian cancer is a collective term applied to at least 20 types of cancers that can occur in the ovary. These microscopic cancer types are easy to treat in their early stages of development. But their early detection poses problem.

Also, mainstream methods of treatment such as surgery cannot permanently eliminate the cancer and it tends to recur time and again. Some natural methods to fight ovarian cancer are mentioned below.

Ten Natural Cures For Ovarian Cancer

ABM Mushroom

Agaricus Blazei Murrill mushroom, better known as ABM mushroom or the ‘Mushroom of God’ is known for its cancer-fighting potential. ABM mushroom contains beta glucans in large amounts. ABM mushroom strengthens the immune system and enables it to fight infections as well as cancers. It also fuels production of Helper T-cells and lymphocyte T-cells. ABM mushroom contains polysaccharide that stimulates interleukin and interferon production that together destroys the cancer cells and inhibits their rise.

Apart from fighting ovarian cancer, this polysaccharide fights Ehrich’s ascites carcinoma, breast cancer, liver and lung cancer and sigmoid colonic cancer. Also, its strong anti-viral properties do not let virus enter into tissues. Studies say that thousands of people have fought cancer with ABM mushroom.


Bindweed is an angiogenesis inhibitor that proves to be effective against all sorts of cancer. Angiogenesis is a process that inhibits blood vessel formation. Malignant tissue is generally characterized by disordered vascular system. In such a case, the tumor cells starve for blood vessels and thereafter either shrink or totally disappear. Bindweed’s efficiency in inhibiting angiogenesis is proved to be 100 times more than that of shark cartilage. Bindweed is available in tinctures as well as capsule forms.

The Budwig Diet

Deficiency in lipoproteins and phosphatides result in ovarian cancer and other types of cancer. The Budwig Diet comprising of quark and flax seed oil offers ample amount of lipoproteins and phosphatides.


Ovarian cancer is often associated with selenium deficiency in women. Selenium not only fights cancer but also improves the condition of liver and helps in proper utilization of iodine. Daily dose of selenium is recommended as 900mcg to 2000mcg for cancer patients.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K helps in shrinking tumor cells in ovarian cancer and in other cancer types such as breast cancer, colon cancer, etc. It is also proved to be beneficial in squamous cell carcinoma. When taken in combination with Vitamin C, Vitamin K leads to self destruction of cancer cells. Deep yellow and dark green vegetables are great source of Vitamin K.

Daily dose is recommended as 35mg with 3000mg of Vitamin C. However, its natural form i.e. Vitamin K1 is proven to be more beneficial. Also, if the patient is using Warfarin, he or she should consult the doctor before supplementing the diet with Vitamin K as it results in clotting of blood.

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Turmeric is a well known cure for different types of cancer that include ovarian cancer. Turmeric prevents inflammation by activating gene p53. Daily dose of turmeric is established at 2500mg/day to 3000mg/day. It can be taken in meals and with bromelain. For proper absorption of turmeric, one should take it along with coconut oil or black pepper.


Ginger causes death of cancer cells almost at an equivalent rate in which chemotherapy drugs cause cell death. Also, ginger has almost nil side effects as compared to chemotherapy drugs.

Milk Thistle

This prevents cancer cells to grow further and also prevents angiogenesis. Daily dose of milk thistle is recommended as 400mg to 1000mg.

Green Peppers

Green peppers contain quercetin that stops the chemical signals reaching the cancer cells to outgrow the healthy cells. 125mg to 250mg of quercetin is recommended daily.

Gingko Bilob

This herb also treats ovarian cancer in an effective way.

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