Ten Replies to “Why Should I Exercise?”

Exercise is good for health but there are many that find excuses to not exercise. Here are ten replies to the question, “Why Should I Exercise?” asked by different people looking at it from their own viewpoint.

There are some, who feel they are too old to exercise and ask why they should exercise. However the reply is it is never too late to start to exercise. Even old people should set up an exercise routine. This would help to tone up their muscles and make them a fitter person with stronger heart and lungs.

Some others who lead a busy life ask why should they exercise and that they have no time to exercise. The reply lies in one’s remembering that one’s health and fitness comes first. So it is best to schedule exercises that can be done daily to promote health, cardiovascular fitness, endurance and strength.

Still others complain of aches and say they cannot exercise. However the reply lies in not feeling defeated but doing exercises that one can easily do thereby improving flexibility of the body and building strength and fitness.

Obese people wonder if they can lose weight and start exercising. Here the reply is simple because obese people should undertake exercises along with lifestyle changes and diet to lose weight faster. One should cut down on calories and burn calories by exercise. Weight loss lies in a balance of diet, exercise and effective lifestyle.

Some who do regular exercise are curious to know if more sweat means more weight loss. The reply lies in the fact that sweating depends on factors like hereditary, body weight and fitness. Walking and light exercises could also help to lose weight.

The next question is that some are confused about the fact and wonder if they should do strenuous exercises to lose weight and build up fitness. The reply lies in the fact that strenuous exercises should be done to improve aerobic capacity, but light exercises like walking can also help to lose weight and fight stress and hypertension.

The next question is why one should do strength exercises. The reply lies in the fact that strength exercises improve the metabolism of the body, strengthen the bones and tones the body. When one does aerobic exercises along with these exercises one is able to lose weight by balancing one’s diet also.

There are still others who wonder that stopping of exercise will turn the muscles into fat. Well the reply is that is not the case. Muscles will always remain as muscles and fats as fats, but only the muscles will become rigid again as they were before one started exercising.

Strength training as many women who exercise assume does not make one have a masculine look. This is because the hormone testosterone is low in women, so is the growth of muscles.

Some men who exercise are curious to know if they will have six pack abs by doing 100 crunches in a day. The reply here lies in the negative as there could be fat on one’s muscles. Instead working out cardio sessions with a balanced diet can help one to lose fat and reveal one’s abs.