The Art of Walking to Reduce Weight

Most people are under the impression that merely walking can help to reduce weight. Well, I am here to bust this myth. It is not just walking; but power walking that will do the trick. Added to that; you need to live a healthy lifestyle devoid of fatty foods, junk foods, alcohol and caffeine.

Walking does have strong connections with your weight loss plan. If you are walking in the outdoors then the best time for you to do this is in the early hours of the morning. This helps you to get huge doses of oxygen and fills your lungs and powers you up for the day. Walking for 30 to 45 minutes daily before breakfast is a great way to build great metabolism and get you through the day. A brisk walk helps to burn the fats that you accumulate and also helps to build and tone muscles.

Apart from the fact that walking briskly helps you to lose weight, you also avoid the risk of heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes and heart strokes. The best part of this form of exercise is that just about any one can do it and the benefits are endless.

If you choose to walk in the night, then you must do so after dinner. This helps you to digest the foods that you’ve eaten at dinner time and through the day. Walking at this time helps to induce sleep as well. One must be cautious not to eat anything after their night walk as it may lead to you being restless at night as the food that you eat after your walk may not be digested.

How to walk to lose weight

Wear comfortable clothing that is lose and lets your skin breathe. You must also wear comfortable shoes to avoid skidding and slipping when you are walking.

Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth when you are walking to help you to stay relaxed and still have a good speed. You need to walk briskly rather than leisurely to lose weight and benefit from the exercise.