The Benefits of an Indian Head Massage

Though there has been several million dollars spent on the research to find out how massage therapy originated; no one has been able to come up with the answer. This has left everyone baffled about the origin of this miraculous therapy. Massages are a very popular form of therapy in India and China. These cultures use massage therapy to cure a variety of ailments.

The Indian head massage is known all over the world. In India it is most popular in the south of the country where there are spas that massage your body and use several oils to aid them. The head massage starts by applying pressure on the shoulders and then slowly working up to the head. This helps to ease the tension and relax the muscles in the region. Later the area is massaged with oil and the massage moves up to the scalp and forehead. Then the person is made to lie flat on the back and the oil is poured on the forehead back and forth continuously for a few minutes.

This massage technique is associated with releasing negative energy from the body and increasing the input of positive energy. The Indian head massage is famous for being able to cure insomnia. It aids sleeping without any issues and also improves the person’s physical and mental health. The person administering the massage uses circular motions to increase the flow of blood to the area and this helps to increase the supply of oxygen thereby increasing the production of endorphins; the feel good hormone. The increase in oxygen improves the functioning of the immune system, strengthens the back and neck muscles and improves ones energy. It also helps to reduce muscle spasms and joints pain. The massage also is very effective to those suffering from chronic depression.

The oils that are used during the massage have positive results on the scalp and help to reduce and eliminate dandruff. It also helps to improve the texture of the hair and strengthens the roots.

As the massage offers a multitude of benefits it is used on children as well in order to improve concentration level and their overall health.