The Benefits of Aromatherapy and How to Use it Safely

We are now becoming more aware of the benefits of Aromatherapy. From healing common ailments like common colds to aiding the cure of blood pressure and cholesterol; this form of treatment is beneficial to almost all individuals. Though these oils are extremely beneficial you must take care when you are handling them.

The essential oils have various benefits and they are used in different methods to aid the ailments that you are suffering from. Some of the most common ways aromatherapy oils are used is in diffusers, added to bath water and as massage oils. While handling these oils you must be very careful as they are extremely flammable and can be a huge fire hazard. They must also be stored safely and not be exposed to heat or fire.

Though massages are the best way to benefit from aromatherapy you must be careful when choosing the oil that you are using as it may cause an allergic reaction. In order to benefit from the massage you must first try the oil on a part of your body and wait for 24 hours to note if there were any allergic reactions. If you do not experience any allergies then you may use the oils safely in the prescribed amounts.

Though the oils are extremely beneficial in reducing stress, pains and nausea you must avoid using them when you are pregnant. Most doctors recommend not using the oils even when you are nursing your child. Using oils at this phase in your life can lead to damaging the fetus and medical conditions like asthma, epilepsy and heart related diseases. Nursing mothers who use aromatherapy may experience lack of milk production or the child refusing meals.

You must avoid using aromatherapy in any form on children as they have keen senses and these may get damaged as the oils are in high concentration. Though this form of therapy has been around for centuries and it has been a boon for many there are certain limitations and you must work under the guidelines to benefit from the therapy and avoid any negative reactions.