The Benefits of Using Olive Oil Soap

Using olive oil to cook is considered to be healthy but does using olive oil based soap have any benefits? I experiment with almost everything in my life and once I stood in the middle of the soap aisle in the supermarket and looked at all the varieties of soaps and picked on one of each of the rarest soap that I could lay my hands on. The benefits that my skin received from the olive oil soap are beyond your imagination. If you are looking for olive oil soap then look on the label for the words ‘Castile Soap’.

The use of olive oil in soaps dates back to the time when the Egyptians and Greeks used them in their bathing routines. If you suffer from Eczema then using normal soaps may aggravate your condition as the fragrances cause a skin irritation. Olive oil soaps are made naturally and devoid of any allergens thus it does not cause any skin irritation and can be used even on the area where the skin is broken. The oil benefits the skin by adding moisture to the area and cleansing the skin to get rid of the bacteria that cause the spread of the disease.

Just as the oil helps to keep your heart healthy it takes care of your skin in the same way. It helps to clean the toxins from your body and the anti oxidants in the soap prevent any bacterial or viral infection.

If you suffer from adult or teen acne then you can use the soap to help you to get rid of this skin condition. Getting rid of the acne can be time consuming and can also be an expensive affair. Olive oil soaps miraculously clear adult acne within a few weeks and teen acne within days.

Using this type of soap also helps the environment as you are releasing fewer chemicals from the residue of the soap. Fewer pollutants mean lesser gunk entering into your system and fewer bacteria affecting your skin and health adversely.