6 Ankle Sprain Exercises


A sprained ankle is a result of sudden injury to your ankles. They can heal by itself due to body’s self healing mechanism, some can be healed by rubbing the ankle gently with warm oil and there’s so much more. Another one is by following certain exercises and that’s what this is all about:

Ankle sprain exercise

Best Exercises For Ankle Sprain 

Ankle Circles

This is the basic exercise where the affected person can do it himself/herself. Just hang your leg on the edge of sofa or the bed while the rest of the body still laying and start trying to make circles with your ankle.

First start slowly, after which you may go on with bigger ones. You can even try making alphabets and try doing this 3-4 times a day.

Ankle circle

Towel Curls

Place a hand towel on a smooth floor such as tile while sitting and curl your toes to grab the towel whilst keeping your heel on the ground. Let go, and scrunch up the whole length of the towel. After reaching the end of the towel, reverse the action. Keep repeating this process until the whole length of the towel is pushed away.

Towel curl

Overpressure Stretches

This process is a simple one and helps the target area of the sprain, thus giving a boost to healing. Sit on a hard-back chair and keep the injured leg on the healthy one.

Move your ankle upwards so that your toes face the ceiling. If difficult, you are free to have the support of your hands. Keep it in this position for about 10-15 seconds.

Overpressure Stretches

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Calf Stretch

Perform this exercise when you are able to stand. Face a wall with your hands up to your shoulder level. Keep your injured leg behind the healthy leg with toes pointing forward. With back leg straight and heels down, bend your front knee slowly until you feel the calf stretch in the back leg. Keep the position for 20 seconds approx and repeat the procedure 3 times a day.

Calf Stretch

Lower Leg Stretches

Lower Leg Stretches include the stretching of three muscles in your lower leg (Calf, gastrocnemius and soleus) which can help you regain your upward movement in the ankle as you proceed recovering from an injury. Begin the exercise by wrapping a towel at the bottom of your foot while lying on the bed or the sofa.

Next, pull the towel slowly towards you with both of your hands till you feel a kind of ‘stretch’ in your calf muscle. Hold for 10 to 15 seconds and then relax. Stand facing a wall and push your hands against the wall when you can resist some weight on your ankle after which you may lean forward until you feel another stretch in the gastrocnemius muscle.

Lower leg stretches


Have your foot flat and try to push an immovable object such as heavy furniture or a wall. Use rubber tubing around your foot for resistance once you are accustomed with this. Hope these exercises will help you to heal the ankle sprain. Remember, these exercises must be done daily to gain maximum results, giving an important priority to be done after physical activity.