The Dangers of Using Birth Control When You are Pregnant

Birth control pills are taken in order to prevent pregnancy. However, there are a few risks involved in taking these pills. Taking birth control pills constantly increases your chances of contracting cancer, formation of blood clots and even increase the risk of heart related disorders. The danger increases if a woman continues taking these pills when she is pregnant as it puts her as well as the fetus in danger. It not only increases the risk of fetal defects; it may also lead to a miscarriage.

In most cases a woman may get pregnant even though they are taking precautions. This happens mainly when they do not take the pill correctly. Skipping the pill even for a single day can lead to ovulation and eventually pregnancy.

Once you realize that you are pregnant you must stop taking the pill immediately; else you are putting the fetus at risk. If you continue taking the pill when you are pregnant it may lead to spotting or bleeding. If you continue taking the pill even after this stage then you are putting yourself at risk of a miscarriage. If you continue with these pills when you are in your second trimester you put yourself at risk as well. Using birth control when you are pregnant can lead to severe deformations in the child and can even lead to a still birth.

If you get pregnant when you are on the pill then you will experience extreme cramping during your first trimester. Your baby is likely to be born with congenital heart disorder and may need surgery immediately.

If you realize that you are pregnant while you are using birth control pills then you must inform your doctor immediately. This helps to diagnose if there are any complications with you or the baby and if there are any risks that you are in. It also helps to give you a delivery timeline and the precautions that you need to take.

Remember, that there is no issue that cannot be solved with timely diagnosis and medications. Just ask your doctor about the precautions that you need to take and tips on how to carry your baby to term.