The Health Aspect Of Black Seed Oil


Seeds of the black seed plant are pressed to extract black seed oil. It is also commonly known as black cumin.Black seed oil is rich in Nigella and Melatin which are believed to have cures for various ailments. Black seed oil also possesses anti-inflammatory properties due to Linoleic acid which is present in it.

black seed

It has been used for centuries dating back as far as the Egyptians and Assyrians. The black seed oil was prescribed by physicians for many common illnesses. It was commonly prescribed to help aid digestion. This oil which is derived from cumin seeds was commonly used for cooking purposes and was also used by some others as a massage oil due to its medicinal properties.

Beneficial Properties Of Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil can be used to boost the immune system and healthy functioning of the body. Immunodeficiency treatments recommend using black seed oil as it has been proven to be beneficial. The optimum strength of the immune system can be maintained with black seed oil. Due to this the oil is used as a massage oil and rubbed into the body.

black seed oil

Black seed oil also has anti-tumor properties and is used to help in the cure and treatment of cancer. It helps to reduce the risk of cancer by enhancing bone marrow health and increasing the production of interferon. Due to this normal cells get protected from harmful cancerous cell growth.


Black seed oil is also used to reduce inflammation. A substance that helps to synthesize prostaglandin is present in black seed oil. This helps avoid inflammation from occurring in the body. Chronic illnesses such as cancer and heart diseases could be caused due to inflammation. Such diseases can be avoided by using black seed oil.


Black seed oil has anti-histamine effects due to this it helps to control a lot of allergic reactions. It also helps to aid digestion. Digestion is enhanced due to the nigella and melatin which is present in black seed oil. This allows food to be broken down and absorbed properly. They also help in the detoxification process. These chemicals ensure the healthy elimination of waste material from the body.