The Most Effective Natural Way To Cure Herpes

Herpes is one of the most mysterious disease for which the cause is still not known. Though there are many medications and natural cures available for this disease, it only helps in healing process. This is mainly because, when the herpes virus affects the body, the virus will not leave the body; they lie dormant for years within the system.

Natural cure for herpes have great antiviral properties but they can only treat the outbreaks of herpes and cannot eliminate the virus from the system. The medicinal plants have active ingredients like primary and secondary metabolites. The primary metabolites consist of amylase and protein while secondary metabolites consist of phenols, terpene and alkaloid.

Aloe Vera: This medicinal plant helps in reducing the intensity of the herpes symptoms and also helps in healing process. When an individual suffers from herpes outbreak, the aloe vera extracts with topical medications will be helpful to heal blisters and also to soothe pain. This is easy to prepare and at the same time safe to consume.

Lemon: Lemon is yet another natural cure for herpes as it is effective in curing outbreaks. Lemon balm extract is used to control outbreaks and it also speed up healing process. Few drops of lemon balm extract oil can be added to any cold cream and applied in the same way. Studies show that this natural cure has proved to be more effective when prescription medication have failed.

Tea: Another natural cure for herpes is tea tree oil. This is an anti bacterial and natural antiseptic which proves to be more effective on parts affected by herpes. Apply this oil gently on the affected area and do not over do.

Lysine: Lysine oil is effective in fighting against herpes virus. Fish, lamb, milk, chicken, beans, cheese, brewer’s yeast contains lysine. So include these food items in your diet regularly to avoid herpes outbreak. Lysine cream or sore lysine stick can be applied or this lysine oil can be applied on the lesion location. This can be used only to suppress the effect of the virus but cannot be used in eradicating herpes outbreaks.