The Nutritional Facts and Benefits of Eating Eggs

There are many people who can’t start their day without biting into an egg in any form, some even gulp down raw eggs. You will notice that these are the healthiest people in the room. You may wonder how can is this possible. Well, it is due to the nutritional value that eggs add to your diet. If you eat them raw, hard boiled, soft boiled or processed into omelets; eggs give you a boost of protein that enhance your skin, hair and overall health.

There are a few benefits that you gain from eggs that you may not gain from any other food group. To begin with research has proved that eggs promote the health of the eyes. This is because they are able to prevent muscular degeneration. The nutrients present in the eggs are absorbed by the body more efficiently than any other food source. Eggs also promote sight and prevent cataract formation. This is due to the presence of lutein in the eggs.

Eggs are healthy, as a matter of fact they contain all healthy nutrients; event the fats present in the eggs are healthy fats. Therefore eating eggs regularly are considered to be very good for the health. Consuming eggs prevent heart attacks and other related disorders, enhances blood clot formation as well as promote the health of the heart.

Eggs are one of the only food sources through which you can attain a natural form of Vitamin D; it therefore promotes the health of the bones. Women can protect themselves from breast cancer by eating eggs regularly. A recent research states that regular consumption of eggs reduces the risk of ovarian and breast cancer by 44%.

Eggs are protein based foods; thus they promote the health of hair and nails. You can gain form these benefits by incorporating eggs into your diet or into your skin care regime. Allying eggs directly on the skin or hair promotes their health. Using egg in your skin care regime keeps the skin clear and clean and prevents pimples; it also reduces the size of open pores. In order to take care of brittle hair or dull hair apply egg in your hair with a spoon of yogurt and you will notice a great difference in the texture of your hair when you wash it out.