The Perfect Remedy for High Cholesterol

We live in an age where our lives are characterized by lack of time and a variety of reasons to be stressed. We stress out about every thing that you can imagine and if that is not enough we eat through our stressful periods. Lack of time has leads us to eating fast foods; the kinds that offer our body absolutely no nutrition. This leads to more stress as it hampers the quality of our health. One must remember that the greatest asset that we are blessed with is our health. We are also so engrossed with work that we let go of the more important things in life like our sleep and leisure time. All these lead to our cholesterol levels increasing.

If your life is characterized by the things I have mentioned then the first thing you need to do is start slowing down your life. Take a short vacation and learn to live life to the fullest. Indulge in some activities that need you to spend time with the family outdoors; camping, fishing, a nature walk, anything that will help you to relax and slow down from your fast paced life. This will be a cure to reduce your stress and eventually reduce your cholesterol levels.

An herbal cure that will help you out is to use garlic. Incorporate the root in your cooking for maximum impact; in this way you do not have to taste the pungent spices directly. If your cholesterol levels are high then you must start your day by biting into a piece of raw garlic and top it up with a glass of warm water. This will help to ease your cholesterol levels from the day you begin the therapy. The garlic will help to clean away the fatty deposits in your body and thereby help to lower your cholesterol levels faster. It also reduces your chances of a heart attack.

There are several ways you can incorporate garlic in your food. Adding garlic to soups is a great way for you to benefit from it without reducing the nutritional value of the herb. You could also add it in the paste form to your salad dressings. Add garlic to your morning blend of tea and notice the surge of energy throughout the day.