The Problem of Appendicitis

Appendix is a tube-shaped small tissue attached to the lower end of the large intestine. Inflammation of the appendix is an acute syndrome known as the appendicitis. Half of the acute abdominal urgent situations in the age group of ten to thirty happen because of appendicitis. It has been observed to affect both the sexes uniformly.

It usually starts with an unanticipated pain in the center of the abdomen; this might be accompanied by a discomfort in the abdomen. Some of the other symptoms of appendicitis might be indigestion, diarrhea, or constipation. The pain appears to shift toward the lower right side. A variable fever in the range of 100°F or 101°F is also companied with this shift. The patient may feel nauseate and can vomit one or more times. A long term symptom of the appendicitis is the revenant pain in the right lower abdomen, constipation, loss of appetite and gentle nausea.

The presence of appendicitis is triggered by the presence of undue quantity of poisonous waste material in the caecum. The appendix is irritated and reddened because of appendicitis. The inflammation and infection of the appendix is caused by certain germs that are usually present in the intestinal area.

The best home remedy for acute appendicitis problem is the green gram. An extract of green gram in water is regarded as an outstanding medicine for treating acute appendicitis. The extract can be easily made at home by soaking green gram in water overnight. One tablespoon of the water thus obtained can be taken thrice in a day. This is one of the best home remedies for curing inflammation of appendix.

The appendix can be avoided from becoming a dumping ground for surplus mucus and intestinal waste by a special tea made using the fenugreek seeds. In order to make this tea, put one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds into a litre of cold water. Let the water simmer for about half an hour before straining it. The tea should be allowed to cool slightly before consuming it. Occurrence of appendicitis can be also suppressed by many vegetable juices. Juice of beet, cucumber, and carrot juice combined in the ratio of 1:3:3 is a good home remedy for appendicitis. 500 ml of this combination of juice can be taken twice daily to suppress the inflammation of appendix.