The Problem of Baldness in Men

Baldness is one of the most common problems in men than in women. Almost all males experience this problem with advancing age. Generally, no one would like to loose their hair but for some baldness becomes cause of psychological problems. It begins with reducing hairline on the head with decrease in hair thickness. Most common causes of baldness have been found to be hormonal fluctuations and hereditary.

Growth of hairs can be about an inch long in few months. Each hair has the ability to grow for around 5 years. It remains at a particular length for the time being and then starts becoming short and thin. Finally, the hair becomes hollow with very tiny follicle. After some times, new hairs start appearing and the process continues in the same manner.

But in men who are suffering from baldness, hair follicles are unable to grow back new hairs. Although some research shows that the small follicles have the ability to grow new hairs if the problem is detected at early stage. But till the time one identifies the receding hairline on the head, half of the hair density is already being lost.

Generally the pattern of baldness in men is in M or U shape. But baldness can either be in patches or in uniform manner also. Sure shot treatments are not available for baldness. If some products guarantee you complete hair growth after baldness then they are fake. Stay away from them as they can cause other serious problems to your body.

Today baldness is not considered such a great problem. You can disguise it in many ways. You can go for complete baldness as it is in vogue these days. This is one of the safest and cheap alternatives. Although, two popular drugs for treating baldness in men are minoxidil and finasteride. Minoxidil is used in the form of solution which can be applied directly to the scalp. It promises to stimulate inactive hair follicles for new hair growth. On the other hand, finasteride is a pill given on doctor’s prescription. Both the drugs are given strictly on prescription. These drugs have been found to have some side effects on human body.

Hair grafts can also be used. This process has risk for skin infection and requires many sittings. Baldness causes loss of self confidence in person. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a positive frame of mind. Everybody have unique qualities in them. It is good to polish these qualities to attract other. Hairs are crown of the face but they are nothing without a good heart.