The Problem of Being Overweight

A growing trend of unhealthy food and fast life pattern in today’s world has led to a number of health disorders. Obesity is one of these disorders. Obesity is a serious healthy issue and leads to various other health complications. The recent studies have shown that obesity is becoming a common health disorder worldwide. When we consume unhealthy food, extra fat gets deposited in our body. Sometimes overeating also leads to this problem. The other factors responsible to this problem include sedentary life style, consumption of unhealthy and packed food, lack of vitamins and minerals in the body etc.

Due to increased amount of fat in the body, the parts like liver, kidneys and heart have to put an extra effort for their functioning. This leads to complications associated with these body parts. The veins in the lower parts of our body also experience an extra load due to obesity and this leads to the problem of varicose veins. The ankles, joints and hips are the main parts affected due to obesity. The problems associated with heart may include stroke, heart failure, hypertension etc. The other health complications due to the problem of obesity include liver disorders, diabetes, gout, arthritis etc.

The basic treatment of obesity is to avoid unhealthy food. Regular exercise is also very helpful in avoiding the problem of obesity. Monitoring the calorie intake and going for a weight loss program are also helpful steps for avoiding the problem of obesity. Avoid over eating. Fasting is also very effective way for reducing weight and decreasing the extra fat of the body. Consumption of lime juice during fasting is also very helpful. You can add one tea spoonful of honey for better results. Keep the body well hydrated. Drink plenty of water and water based fluid.

If you are fasting on lemon water, you can take one or two glasses of lemon water for first two or three days and subsequently can increase the consumption of lemon water. You will find the results within 10 days. You can consult your doctor for a dietary program and weight loss program. The exercises must be done under supervision of some expert. A regular jogging is also very effective in reducing weight.