The Problem Of Body Odor

Sometime we feel very embarrassed seeing people get agitated due to unpleasant smell coming from our body. This unpleasant smell is generally termed as body odor and in the modern society people take it with a great concern. Though, it can be generated from any part of our body, underarm area is the main source of body odor.

It is a common misconception that perspiration causes the body order. However, the truth is somewhat different, the perspiration in itself is odorless and the odor is developed when bacteria present in our body decompose the perspiration. The bacteria present in our body are responsible for the body odor. The high temperature and moisture favors the growth of bacteria, hence underarm is the best place where they can grow more and this is why the odor is developed more in underarm area. Apart from putting you in a bad state of mind, the body odor can also disturb the people around you. Hence, it is very important to control the body order.

A deficiency of oxygen may lead to imbalance in the metabolic function of the body and as a result bad breath comes out of our body. Deposition of toxins in our body through various sources like food, air etc and inability of our body to dispose them off is also responsible for body odor. Indigestion and constipation also contribute to the body odor. An imbalance diet may lead to indigestion and constipation in our body. It is found that greater is the sweating of the body, stronger is the body odor. Hence, anything that can reduce the sweating rate of our body may be helpful in controlling the body odor.

If you feel that the underarm odor is considerably strong, you can visit a chemist shop and get hydrogen peroxide. Washing underarm with hydrogen peroxide mixed in water helps in reducing the odor. Moreover, a close study of our life style and going for a change, if required, may also help in controlling body odor. Do we take bath properly? Is our clothing perfect for sweat to escape from our body? Is our diet balanced? These are among the issues which can be observed and rectified accordingly.

A daily bath with a deodorant soap will remove bacteria from our body and hence, will help in reducing the body odor. A good fabric and loose fitting cloth will allow the sweat to escape from your body and therefore, will reduce the body odor. A balanced food may help in ensuring proper functioning of metabolism and therefore will control the bad breath.