The Problem Of Breast Lump

A protuberance, swelling or lump in the breast is termed as breast lump. It is a growing problem among the women today. Breast lump can occur in women of all ages. However the probability of breast lump is higher during the period of hormonal change. During a hormonal change a breast lump can appear or disappear. Lumps in young girls can be a sign of beginning of puberty.

Soft lumps in girls can develop from an age of as young as 6 years. However the normal age is considered to be around 10 years. Sometimes these lumps can appear in infants also. This is due to the estrogen disorders in mother. These lumps can occur in both male as well as female infant. In adult women these lumps are treated as a sign of danger because in some cases these lumps can be due to breast cancer.  It should be noted that all lumps do not lead to breast cancer, but if you find any lump in your breast, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Cysts, fibrocystic change and fibroandenomas are the basic factors responsible for breast lump. Lumps developed due to fibroandenomas do not cause cancer and occur mostly during the reproductive periods. These lumps are not tender and are non-cancerous. These lumps can be removed by small biopsy. Fibrocystic lumps can develop in one or both the breasts.

During menstrual periods cysts lumps become very tender. These lumps are more prone to cancer and should be treated carefully. Always consult a doctor for the diagnosis. Treatment of each of these lumps depends upon the cause of the lump and treatment period varies accordingly.

Avoid fatty food because extra fat in the body can lead to breast lump. Unhealthy food is a factor leading to obesity, therefore try to avoid unhealthy and fast food. Roughage in the food help in easy digestion and melting of fat in the body, hence consumption of food which is rich in fiber will be helpful.

Take care of intake of various essential vitamins. Increase consumption of vitamin B and E in you daily diet. You can take supplement like vitamin B complex etc. Perform a monthly self exam and consult a doctor in case of any complication. Any visible lump in the breast under no circumstances should be ignored. If you find any lump in your breast, visit a doctor immediately.