The Problem Of Burning Tongue

A burning sensation felt around all corners of the tongue is known as the burning tongue syndrome. It generally occurs due to the dry mouth and affects the gums, inner part of the cheeks, lips etc. A person suffering from the burning tongue faces a temporary loss in the sense of taste and finds it hard to consume edible which are rich in spices. The eating becomes very painful due to burning tongue.

burning tongue

The major reason for burning tongue is the dry mouth caused by various reasons like consumption of strong medications, hormonal abnormalities, use of tobacco, some dental diseases, stress, depression, inflammatory disorders. This can also occur due to menopause in women. Lack of certain vitamins and other nutrients can also lead to the problem of burning tongue. Lack of zinc and iron can also lead to the problem of burning tongue.

Beneficial Tips For Burning Tongue

A sugar free gum is helpful in reducing the problem of burning tongue. Chewing these sugar free gums reduces the burning sensation of mouth. Ensure that you are not consuming hot and spicy food if you are suffering from burning tongue. Consumption of vitamin B complex capsules and other vitamins will accelerate the process of curing the mouth burning.


You should drink water in more than sufficient amount as it will help in curing the burning tongue. Intake of fresh fruits and vegetables is advisable and is very effective in curing the burning tongue. Take fruits containing vitamin C. Consumption of iron and zinc is also helpful in treatment of burning tongue.

drink water

Take plain food and avoid hot drinks like tea, coffee, hot soups etc. If you take alcohol, avoid taking alcohol until the burning tongue is cured. Your diet must be rich in vitamins and minerals.  Avoid smoking as it makes the condition worse. If you experience severe pain, you can suck the ice cubes to get relief from the pain.