Symptoms & Treatment Of Chills

Symptoms & Treatment Of Chills

Chills is condition in which we experience severe cold when exposed to cold weather conditions. Apart from feeling cold, shivering and paleness are also the symptoms of chills. Before beginning of fever, you may experience chills. This is due to some sort of infection. In diseases like malaria chills is a basic symptom. Fever in chills is found to be higher in children as compared to adults.

It is very common in people of young age. Chills is a common symptom among infants but in case it is accompanied by fever, you are advised to consult a doctor for the proper treatment of the infant.

Problem Of Chills

Bacterial is Symptoms Of Chills

There are various causes responsible for chills such as strep throat, bacterial and viral gastroenteritis, influenza, exposure to extreme cold, infectious diseases and pneumonia. In some of these cases chills is accompanied by mild or high fever. In case fever is high, consulting a doctor is advisable.

Fever is the symptom of a number of diseases. However, if chills and fever both are the symptoms of a disease, you should not take is easy and utmost care is needed to deal with such situations. This can be due to some infectious disease, viral or bacterial disease etc.

Remedies For Chills

Taking rest is the basic remedy to get relief if the fever is mild. However in case of high fever, medical treatment is necessary. Drink a lot of water and other fluids.

Drinking Water For Chills

You can reduce fever by evaporation method, it will reduce the temperature of the body very quickly. A bath with warm water is advisable but don’t take a bath with cold water because it can worsen the condition of chills.

Too cold room for children in case of chills is not comfortable. Therefore, keep the room cold enough to feel comfortable. Keeping giving the child fluid substance and dressing should be light clothes. Taking rest and sleeping the best thing in fever and chills, hence if the child is sleeping, do not disturb him to take medicine or measure the body temperature.

Taking Rest For Chills

Avoid alcohol to bring the body temperature down, it can have the adverse and fatal results. In case chills and fever are the persistent symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Avoid Alcohol For Chills

Treatment Of Chills